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PE 1.2:C 89 Culture matters, the Peace Corps… 1997
PE 1.2:H 75/2 At home in the world, the Peace Corps story 1996
PE 1.2:N 22 Training activities for group building, health & income generation July 1996
PE 1.8:B 39 A manual for trainers of small scale beekeeping development workers June 1983
PE 1.8:B 56 Basic technique for blacksmithing, a manual for trainers August 1982
PE 1.8:C 37 Small scale charcoal making, a manual for trainers July 1982
PE 1.8:C 76/2 Peace Corps 1997
PE 1.8:CR 86 Crisis management handbook, a guide for overseas staff 1997
PE 1.8:D 46 A training manual in conducting a workshop in the design, construction, operation, maintenance & repair of hydrams December 1981
PE 1.8:F 69 Improved food drying & storage training manual May 1983
PE 1.8:M-33 Small scale marine fisheries, an extension training manual April 1983
PE 1.8:V 88/3 A few minor adjustments, a handbook for volunteers September 1997
PE 1.8:W 89 The World Map Project handbook 1995
PE 1.10:CS-1 Marine fisheries case studies April 1982
PE 1.10:CS-2 Peace Corps in special education & rehabilitation March 1981
PE 1.10:CS-4 Peace Corps water/sanitation case studies & analyses January 1984
PE 1.10:D 34 Early stimulation manual for parents of deaf infants November 1985
PM 1.10:M 0031 ESP: teaching English for specific purposes September 1986
PM 1.10:M 0041 TEFL/TESL: teaching English as a foreign or second language May 1989
PM 1.10:M 0042 Non-formal education manual 2004
PE 1.10:M-1-A Freshwater fisheries, program planning September 1982
PE 1.10:M-1-B Freshwater fish pond culture & management September 1983
PE 1.10:M-1-D Cultivo y manejo de estanques pesqueros de agua fresca January 1983
PE 1.10:M-2 Small farm grain storage September 1983
PE 1.10:M-2-B Programming & training for small farm grain storage September 1981
PE 1.10:M-3-A Resources for development July 1981
PE 1.10:M-7 Teaching conservation in developing nations September 1982
PE 1.10:M-8 Community health education in developing countries September 1981
PE 1.10:M-10 Preserving food by drying, a math/science teaching manual September 1982
PE 1.10:M-11 Practical poultry raising April 1981
PE 1.10:M-12 Animal traction August 1981
PE 1.10:M-13/984 Traditional field crops April 1983
PE 1.10:M-14 Guidelines for management consulting programs for small scale enterprise December 1981
PE 1.10:M-17 Small scale beekeeping September 1983
PE 1.10:M-18 Agriculture extension February 1984
PE 1.10:M-23 Conservation education, a planning guide October 1985
PE 1.10:P-11 K Treatment of diarrhea December 1984
PE 1.10:R-1 Health education, a study unit on fecal borne diseases & parasites September 1983
PE 1.10:R-3 Aids for health & home extension volunteers September 1982
PE 1.10:R-5 Irrigation principles & practices September 1982
PE 1.10:R-6 Crops production handbook September 1982
PE 1.10:R-8 Soils, crops, & fertilizer use September 1981
PE 1.10:R-9 A glossary of agricultural terms, Spanish-English, English-Spanish September 1984
PE 1.10:R 13 Tales of wisdom in folly, a course in controlled composition September 1982
PE 1.10:R 14 Guidelines for development of a home industry March 1981
PE 1.10:R-15 A Utilization & construction of pit silos March 1977
PE 1.10:R-17 Glossary of environmental terms, Spanish-English, English-Spanish September 1981
PE 1.10:R-23 B Accounting for the microbusiness, a teaching manual, a handbook for volunteers September 1982
PE 1.10:R-24 Strings "N" things, a teaching manual for the blind September 1981
PE 1.10:R-25 Intensive vegetable gardening for profit & self sufficiency September 1981
PE 1.10:R-29 Water purification distribution & sewage disposal September 1982
PE 1.10:R-31/983 Orchard management September 1983
PE 1.10:R-32 Lesson plans for beekeeping September 1981
PE 1.10:R-35 How to make tools September 1981
PE 1.10:R-37 Primary school arts & crafts September 1982
PE 1.10:R-38 A manual on conservation of soil & water September 1982
PE 1.10:R 39 Homemaking handbook for village workers in many countries September 1982
PE 1.10:R-41 A complete handbook on backyard & commercial rabbit production September 1983
PE 1.10:R 42 Child nutrition in developing countries September 1983
PE 1.10:R-43 Manual de salud September 1984
PE 1.10:R-44 A Systematic project design, a handbook for volunteers September 1982
PE 1.10:R-48 the biogas/bio fertilizer business handbook, a handbook for volunteers September 1982
PE 1.10:R 49 The role of the peace corps in education in developing countries, a sector study July 1984
PE 1.10:R-51 Chinese biogas digester July 1985
PE 1.10:R-55 Preparation for children June 1985
PE 1.10:R 88 Rural water/sanitation projects, water for the world September 1984
PE 1.10:T-1 An integrated training system policy & plans October 1983
PE 1.10:T-3 Personal safety in cross cultural transition 1985
PE 1.10:T 0005 Roles of the volunteer in development, toolkits for building capacity July 2002
PE 1.10:T-6 Working as counterparts September 1985
PE 1.10:T-11 Health education training model August 1983
PE 1.10:T 32 Water & sanitation technologies, a trainer's manual March 1985
PE 1.10:T-38 C Agricultural development workers training manual September 1985
PE 1.10:T 45 Teacher training, a reference manual November 1986
PE 1.10/8:EN 3 Engineering field manual for conservation practices September 1985
PE 1.10/8:H 34 Health, population, & nutrition systems in LDC's, a handbook September 1985
PE 1.10/8:N 94 Nursing & midwifery, a guide for trainers 1977
PM 1.2:B 18 Balancing work & family demands through part-time employment & job sharing September 1995
PM 1.2:B 18/2 Balancing work & family demands through telecommuting September 1997
PM 1.2:B 46 Best IT practices in the federal government October 1997
PM 1.2:EM 7/2 New developments in employee & labor relations December 1997
PM 1.2:EX 3/2/999 leadership for a democratic society, fiscal year 1999 1998
PM 1.2:F 11/996 The fact book, federal civilian workforce statistics, 1996 ed. September 1996
PM 1.2:L 11/4 Labor relations case law on performance management March 1996
PM 1.2:M 54/HAND Course handouts, merit system principles awareness training 1998
PM 1.2:N 31/997 Negotiability determination by the federal labor relations authority (FLRA) March 1998
PM 1.2:P 19/996-97 Index of decisions, federal service impasses panel September 1997
PM 1.2:P 25/2/997 National Partnership Council, a report to the President on progress in labor management partnerships December 1997
PM 1.2:R 32/3 Federal executives & managers critical resources in review, 1995 & 1996 1998
PM 1.2:SE 5/4/994 The status of the senior executive service, 1994 1996

PM 1.8:AD 2 Addressing & resolving poor performance, a guide for supervisors 1998
PM 1.8:AD 7 Adoption benefits guide for federal employees 1997
PM 1.8:AL 1 Alcoholism in the workplace, a handbook for supervisors February 2000
PM 1.8:C 18 Kinship care, a resource guide for federal work life coordinators 2001
PM 1.8:C 43/2/REV Child care resources handbook for federal employees May 1999
PM 1.8:C 43/3 Child support enforcement, a resource guide for federal work/life coordinators 2001
PM 1.8:C 43/4 Handbook of elder care resources for the federal workplace 2000
PM 1.8:C 76/2 Confidentiality & the employee assistance program October 1995
PM 1.8:EL 2/2 Elder care connection, a guide for the federal workplace July 1999
PM 1.8:EX 3/2/998 Guide to senior executive service qualifications 1998
PM 1.8:F 15 How to do a fair September 1997
PM 1.8:H 34 A federal workplace guide to preventive health services December 2000
PM 1.8:M 54/2/INSTR. Instructor's guide, the merit system principles awareness training module June 1997
PM 1.8:M 54/2/PART Participant manual, the merit system principles awareness training module June 1997
PM 1.8:N 31 Negotiating flexible & compress work schedules July 1995
PM 1.8:N 93 Establishing a nursing mothers program, a guide for the federal workplace 1999
PM 1.8:P 21 Establishing a work-site parenting support group May 1999
PM 1.8:P 25/3 Part-time employment & job sharing guide for the federal workplace 1999
PM 1.8:P 74/2 Performance objectives & standards of performance, a supplement to the supervisors' performance appraisal manual October 1984
PM 1.8:P 91/BINDER CSRS preretirement counseling & seminar guide January 1993
PM 1.8:R 31/2 Alternative dispute resolution, a resource guide 2000
PM 1.8:T 69 Handling traumatic events, a manager's handbook September 1996
PM 1.8:98014624 Guide to senior executive service qualifications January 1998
PM 1.14/3-3:998 CSRS & FERS handbook April 1998
PR 42.2:AC 7/997 The national aids strategy 1997
PR 42.2:AC 7/997/APP The national aids strategy, appendices 1997
PR 42.2:K 54 a kid's guide to the white house 1998
PR 42.2:R 27 Reinvention's next steps, governing in a balanced budget world March 1996
PR 42.2:SE 2/3 the President's National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC), 15th anniversary 1997
PR 42.2:SE 2/4 NSTAC, 15 years of serving the President, 1982-1997 1998
PR 42.2:SE 3 A national security strategy for a global age December 20000
PR 42.2:Y 8 White house leadership conference, on youth, drug use, violence March 1996
PR 42.8:AD 9/FINAL Presidential advisory committee on Gulf War veterans' illnesses, final report 1997
PR 42.8:C 36 Changing America, indicators of social & economic well-being by race & Hispanic origin September 1998
PR 42.8:C 86/C 73 Helping communities fight crime 1997

PR 42.8:P 11/B 86 Building American prosperity in the 21st century 1997
PR 42.8:P 87 Powerful partnerships, a synthesis of a report by the President's committee of advisors on science & technology AUGUST 1999
PR 42.8:R 11/H 88/EXEC SUM. Executive summary & guide to final report, advisory committee on human radiation experiments 1996

PR 42.8:R 11/2/SPAN Una nacion unida en el siglo XXI 2000
PR 42.8:R 11/3 One America in the 21st century, forging a new future September 1998
PR 42.8:R 11/4 One America in the 21st century, the president's initiative on race March 1998
PR 42.8:SCI 1/APP Science at its best, security at its worst, a report on security problems at the U.S. dep. Of energy, appendix June 1999
PR 42.8:SE 1/W 89 New world coming: American security in the 21st century September 1999
PR 42.8:SU 8/AG 8 Sustainable agriculture, task force report 1997

PR 42.8:W 84 America's commitment: federal programs benefitting women & new initiatives… May 1997
PR 43.8:C 43/C 43/2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 America's children in brief: key national indicators of well-being 2002-2007
PREX 1.2:D 85/996/RESOUR The National Drug Control Strategy, 1996: program, resources, & evaluation 1996
PREX 1.2:P 94 Treatment protocol effectiveness study March 1996
PREX 1.2:W 84/2 U.S. follow-up to the U.N. fourth world conference on women May 1996
PREX 2.2:B 62 A blueprint for new beginnings 2001
PREX 2.8:2007, 2007/APP, 2008, 2008/APP, 2999, 2009/APP Budget of the U.S. Government, fiscal year, 2007, 2008, 2009 2007, 2008, 2009

PREX 2.8/8:2007, 2008, 2009 Historical tables, Budget Of The U.S. Government 2007-2009
PREX 3.10/4: (CIA MAPS) (VARIOUS) CIA maps (various countries) Range from 1995-2008
PREX 14.2:EN 8/11 The National Environmental Policy Act, a study of its effectiveness after twenty-five years January 1997
PREX 14.2:H 34 A healthy environment for the 21st century January 2000
PREX 23.2:L 52 Teaming with life, investing in science to understand & use America's living capital 1998
PREX 23.2:ST 8 Air quality research subcommittee strategic plan November 1998
PREX 23.14:AV 1 National Research & Development Plan For Aviation Safety, Security, Efficiency, & Environmental Compatibility November 1999
PREX 23.14:C 73 Comparison of international transportation R&D, expenditures & priorities September 1999
PREX 23.14:C 76 Construction & building, interagency program for technical advancement in construction & building 1999
PREX 23.14:G 28 Coordination of programs on domestic animal genomics, the federal framework, progress report September 2004
PREX 23.14:IN 8 Investing in our future April 1997
PREX 23.14:R 31 National Research Agenda For Transportation & Sustainable Communities September 1999
PREX 23.14:R 64 The role of monitoring networks in the management of the nation's air quality March 1999
PREX 23.14:T 22 National Transportation Technology Plan May 2000
PREX 23.14:W 74 Review of federal programs for wire system safety, final report November 2000
PREX 26.1/2:2002/SUM Summary FY 2002 national drug control budget 2001
PREX 26.1/2:2002, 2002/SPAN. 2003 National Drug Control Strategy February 2002, February 2003
PREX 26.1/2:2002/UPDATE National Drug Control Strategy counterdrug research & development blueprint update February 2002
PREX 26.1/2:2004/SUM National Drug Control Strategy FY 2004 budget summary. February 2003
PREX 26.1/2:2002-2 National Drug Control Strategy, HIDTA December 2002
PREX 26.1/4:999 FY 1999 budget highlights, federal drug control programs March 1998
PREX 26.2:C 64 Estimation of cocaine availability, 1996-1999 December 2000
PREX 26.2:C 64/996-2000 Estimation of heroin availability, 1996-2000 March 2002
PREX 26.2:C 73 National Drug Control Strategy, strategic communications May 1999
PREX 26.2:C 73/2 National Drug Control Strategy, strategic communications… 2000
PREX 26.2:C 78 Department of State, report on enhanced multilateral drug control cooperation September 1997
PREX 26.2:C 78/PORT Department de estado, relatorio sobre a cooperacao multilateral intensificada para o controle de drogas September 1997
PREX 26.2:C 78/SPAN Departamento de estado, reporte sobre major cooperacion multilateral para el control de los estupefacientes September 1997
PREX 26.2:C 83 General Counterdrug Intelligence Plan February 2000
PREX 26.2:C 99 Consensus meeting on drug treatment in the criminal justice system, conference proceedings March 1998
PREX 26.2:D 26 Data snapshot, drug abuse in America, 1998 May 1998
PREX 26.2:D 26/2 Federal drug related data systems inventory February 2003
PREX 26.2:D 47 The destructive impact of drugs on the United States, how the legalization of drugs would jeopardize… June 1999
PREX 26.2:D 48 Measuring the deterrent effect of enforcement operations on drug smuggling, 1991-1999 August 2001
PREX 26.2:D 84 Reducing drug use & its consequences in America August 1996
PREX 26.2:D 84/998-2007, 998-2007/ SPAN. The National Drug Control Strategy, 1998, a ten year plan.
Estrategia nacional para el control de drogas, 1998, un plan de diez anos 1998
PREX 26.2:D 84/2/V.1 Executive Office of the President, Office Of National Drug Control Policy, Report to Congress, v.1 September 1997
PREX 26.2:D 84/3/997-2 Reducing drug abuse in America February 1997
PREX 26.2:D 84/3/999 Reducing drug abuse in America, an overview of demand reduction initiatives January 1999
PREX 26.2:D 84/4 U.S./Mexico Bi-National Drug Strategy February 1998
PREX 26.2:D 89/7 Report Of The Drug Control Research, Data, & Evaluation Committee January 1999
PREX 26.2:EN 3 Enhancing multilateral counterdrug cooperation, conference report November 1999
PREX 26.2:F 27 It's not your fault 2002
PREX 26.2:H 21 A plan for estimating the number of "hardcore" drug users in the United States Fall 1997
PREX 26.2:H 21/2 Estimation of heroin availability, 1995-1998 December 2000
PREX 26.2:IN 8 The inter-related problems of substance abuse & crime June 1999
PREX 26.2:M 56/PHASE 1/RPT.1 Testing the anti-drug message in 12 American cities September 1998
PREX 26.2:M 56/PHASE 1/RPT.2
:M 56/PHASE 1/RPT.2/EXEC.SUM Testing the anti-drug message in 12 American cities March 1999
PREX 26.2:M 56/PHASE 2/EXEC.SUM Investing In Our National Youth: National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, Phase II, Final Report June 1999
PREX 26.2:P 21/SPAN. Padres preparados, 21 ideas y consejos que le ayudaran a alejar a sus hijos de las drogas 2000
PREX 26.2:P 21/2 Parents, the anti-drug 2002
PREX 26.2:P 41 Performance measures of effectiveness 1998
PREX 26.2P 41/3 U.S./Mexico Bi-National Performance Measures of Effectiveness February 1999
PREX 26.2:P 92/FOLDER, KIT Prescription for prevention, a substance abuse resource for physicians 1997
PREX 26.2:P 96 Pulse check, national trends in drug abuse Summer 1997
PREX 26.2:SU 1 Substance use in popular movies & music April 1999
PREX 26.2:SU 4 You can help 2000
PREX 26.2:SU 8/2 Evidence based principles for substance abuse prevention March 2001
PREX 26.2:SU 8/2/SPAN. Principios basados en evidencias cientificas para la prevencion del consume de sustancias March 2001
PREX 26.2:T 34/PHASE 2 Therapeutic communities in correctional settings December 1999
PREX 26.2:Y 8 National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign Summary December 1997
PREX 26.8:D 84/2 Responding to drug use & violence May 1998
PREX 28.2:L 52 Intelligence community legal reference book Fall 2007
PRVP 42.2:AC 2 Access America, reengineering through information technology February 1997
PRVP 42.2:B 87 Building livable communities June 2000
PRVP 42.2:B 96 Business like government, lessons learned from America's best companies October 1997
PRVP 42.2:C 96/3 Serving the American public, best practices in customer driven strategic planning February 1997
PRVP 42.2:D 75 Serving the American public, best practices in downsizing September 1997
PRVP 42.2:G 54 Reaching public goals: managing government for results, resource guide, October 1996
PRVP 42.2:G 74/3 Common sense government works better & costs less 1995
PRVP 42.2:G 83 Greening the government, a guide to implementing executive order 12873 1996
PRVP 42.2:K 52 Turning the key: unlocking human potential in the family friendly federal workplace January 1997
PRVP 42.2:P 41/99 Balancing measures, best practices in performance management August 1999
PRVP 42.2:R 27/2 Reinventing service at the IRS 1998
PRVP 42.2:SE 2 The best kept secrets in government September 1996
PRVP 42.2:SE 2/DIGEST The best kept secrets in government, digest version September 1996
PRVP 42.2:W 45 Federal Welfare To Work commitments, a report to President Bill Clinton… 1997
PRVP 42.2:W 45/2 Federal Welfare To Work hiring progress, agency keys to success, a report to President Bill Clinton… April 1998


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