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NAS 1.2:B 52/4 Evaluating the biological potential in samples returned from planetary satellites & small solar system bodies 1998
NAS 1.2:B 52/5 A strategy for research in space biology & medicine in the new century 1998
NAS 1.2:B 52/8 Bioreactor expands health research 1998
NAS 1.2:B 56 Historically black colleges & universities story: a partnership of people & programs 1998
NAS 1.2:B 62/2 MOD blueprint 1996
NAS 1.2:D 26/2 Data & information services for global change research 1999
NAS 1.2:D 74 Connect the dots 1992
NAS 1.2:EA 7/18 EOSDIS global portrait 1999
NAS 1.2:EL 2/4 Electrostatic levitator 2001
NAS 1.2:F 76/2 The forecast? Look for storms, gale-force winds, & plasma blobs 1998
NAS 1.2:F 87/3 The case for space station freedom 1992
NAS 1.2:G 49/994 U.S. space shuttle glider kit 1995
NAS 1.2:H 86/4 Hubble space telescope new & improved 1996
NAS 1.2:H 86/6/C 86 Hubble facts, crew aids & tools 1996
NAS 1.2:H 86/6/G 94 Hubble facts, fine guidance sensor 1996
NAS 1.2:H 86/6/IN 3 Near infrared camera & multi-object spectrometer 1996
NAS 1.2:H 86/6/SO 4 Hubble facts, solid state recorder 1996
NAS 1.2:H 86/6/SP 1 Hubble facts, space telescope imaging spectrograph 1996
NAS 1.2:IC 2 Introduction to ice 2003
NAS 1.2:L 62/3 The life sciences data archive (LSDA) on the world wide web 1996
NAS 1.2:M 35/9 The Mars millennium project, picture the future 1999
NAS 1.2:M 46 MOPITT, measurements of pollution in the troposphere 1999
NAS 1.2:M 35/8 Mars pathfinder fact sheet October 1994
NAS 1.2:M 56 Mesoscale atmospheric processes branch 1997
NAS 1.2:P 56/6/STUD. Human physiology in space, student's manual 1995
NAS 1.2:P 56/6/TEACH. Human physiology in space, teacher's manual 1995
NAS 1.2:P 64/2 Aeronautics & space transportation technology: three pillars for success 1997
NAS 1.2:P 69/12 Understanding our changing planet, NASA's mission to planet earth 1997
NAS 1.2:R 76 Rover & telerobotics technology program 1997
NAS 1.2:SA 8/11/999 Communications satellite 1999
NAS 1.2:SCI 2/12/994, 995 NCCS science highlights 1994,1995
NAS 1.2:SCI 2/13/997 SSIP education at its best 1997
NAS 1.2:SCI 2/15 NASA STI reaching out to serve you 1996
NAS 1.2:SCI 2/16 A new science strategy for space astronomy & astrophysics 1997
NAS 1.2:SCI 2/17 U.S.-European collaboration in space science 1998
NAS 1.2:ST 8/4 Goddard Space Flight Center, implementing NASA's strategies for the 21st century October 1998
NAS 1.2:SU 1/2 The submillimeter & far infrared experiment 1999
NAS 1.2:SU 7/9 The sun earth connection 1999
NAS 1.2:T 22/21 Advanced environmental monitoring & control program, technology development requirements May 1996
NAS 1.2:T 27/3 NASA's earth observatory system, Terra spacecraft 1999
NAS 1.12/7: (VARIOUS) Voyager mission highlights (pictures) (various) 1989
NAS 1.12/7:0-15811 Exploration technology program, accomplishments & technology infusion 1998
NAS 1.12/7:97-12 Mission to the solar system exploration & discovery March 1998
NAS 1.12/7:400-700 Origins, roadmap for the office of space science origin theme 1997
NAS 1.12/7:400-808 Fundamental physics in space roadmap 1999
NAS 1.19/6:997-08-128-HQ Mars Pathfinder, roving on the red planet 1997
NAS 1.20:2004-02-002-KSC NASA facts, lightning & the space program 2004
NAS 1.21:6101 (11) Issues in NASA program & project management 1997
NAS 1.43: (VARIOUS) NASA (pictures) (various) 1985-1986
NAS 1.65/2:2001 Goddard Space Flight Center annual report, 2001 2002
NAS 1.83;NP-1999-08 1999 EOS reference handbook 1999
NAS 1.83:NP 1999-11-188-GSFC Put some high energy in your papers 2000
MAS 1.83:NP-2000-11-135-GSFC Components & hardware systems branch 2001
NAS 1.83:NP 2008-3-015-GSFC Heliophysics 2008
NAS 1.83:220 Doing business with NASA 1996
NAS 1.83:1997 (01)-001-GSFC Climate radiation branch 1997
NAS 1.83:1997 (01)-003-GSFC Earth's energy balance 1997
NAS 1.83;1997(01)-004-GSFC Understanding the earth system through satellites & modeling 1997
NAS 1.83:1997-02-223-HQ Discovering Mars 1997
NAS 1.83:1997-02-224-HQ Discovering Saturn 1997
NAS 1.83:1997-02-225-HQ Discovering Jupiter 1997
NAS 1.83:1997 (03)-007-GSFC Atmospheric chemistry & dynamics branch 1997
NAS 1.83:1997-03-008-GSFC Recommended priorities for NASA's gamma ray astronomy program 1996-2010 April 1997
NAS 1.83:1997 (03)-009-GSFC Exploring the structure & evolution of the universe 1997
NAS 1.83:1997 (03)-016-gsfc Next generation space telescope, visiting a time when galaxies were young 1998
NAS 1.83:1997 (06)-019-GSFC The evolving universe, structure & evolution of the universe, roadmap 2000-2020 1997
NAS 1.83:1997 (07)-022-GSFC The space telescope science institute, leading astronomical discovery 1998
NAS 1.83:1997 (12)-050-GSFC Gamma ray large area space telescope January 1998
NAS 1.83:1997-12-053-GSFC Tropical rainfall measuring mission, learning how rainfall affects climate change 1998
NAS 1.83:1998-03-018-GSFC NASA's earth observing system, EOS AM-1 1998
NAS 1.83:1998-08-048-GSFC GLAST, gamma ray large area space telescope 1999
NAS 1.83:1998-10-055-GSFC How astronomers use spectra to learn about the sun & other stars February 1997
NAS 1.83:1998-10-242-HQ Aeronautics & space transportation technology, three pillars for success, turning goals into reality, annual progress report 1997-98 1998
NAS 1.83:1998-11-065 GNCC technology office 1999
NAS 1.83:1998-12-069-GSFC EOS science plan, the state of science in the EOS program 1999
NAS 1.83:1998-12-070-GSFC EOS science plan executive summary 1999
NAS 1.83:1998-12-074-GSFC/2000 Tropical rainfall measuring mission 2000
NAS 1.83:1998-12-099-GSFC Microwave anisotropy probe map 1998
NAS 1.83:1999-01-005-GSFC Welcome to NASA's earth science enterprise 1999
NAS 1.83:1999-02 Understanding our changing planet, earth science enterprise applications fact book 1999
NAS 1.83:1999-03-023-GSFC Ocean color data at the Goddard DAAC April 2000
NAS 1.83:1999-04-071-GSFC Moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer (MODIS) April 1999
NAS 1.83:1999-05-247-HQ NASA, an investment in America's future 1999
NAS 1.83:1999-07-125-GSFC Space & earth science technology spanning the spectrum 1999
NAS 1.83:1999-08-124-GSFC NASA's earth observing system, Terra spacecraft 2001
NAS 1.83;2000-4-043-GSFC Living with a star 2000
NAS 1.83:2000-6-068-GSFC Mu-spin, Minority University-Space interdisciplinary network 2000
NAS 1.83:2000-6-089-GSFC Data & information for global change studies, remote sensing 2001
NF 2.2:F 11 The $25,000 annual contribution limit August 1996
NF 2.2:C 43/2 Bringing the arts to life for children & adults since 1965 1998
NF 2.2:L 62/998 Lifelong journey, an education in the arts 1998
NF 2.2:L 87 National endowment of the art's, a new look 1996
NF 2.2:N 21/2000 the national endowment for the arts, 1965-2000 a brief chronology of federal support for the arts 2000
NF 2.2:P 96/SUM Survey of public participation in the arts, summary report 1999
NF 2.2:R 31/2 Resources for recovery, post-disaster aid for cultural institutions May 2000
NF 3.2:L 47/2 What learning means 1997
NF 3.2:L 61/4 NEH & America's libraries 1998
NF 3.2:LM 97/4 NEH & America's museums 1998
NF 3.2:P 92/4 Preserving America's heritage 1997


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