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S 1.2:AM 3/12 America's overseas presence in the 21st century November 1999
S 1.2:B 76/991 Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement (Standard Form 312) Briefing Booklet 1996
S 1.2:C 17/2 Carbon monoxide, hazards in the department residences 2001
S 1.2:C 61/2/997 Climate Action Report July 1997
S 1.2:D 62/17 Transforming diplomacy: engage with the world March 2008
S 1.2:C 81 A global forum on fighting corruption, safeguarding integrity among justice… November 1999
S 1.2:D 84/3/995 Travel warning on drugs abroad November 1995
S 1.2:F 68/AFRICA Focus on the issues, Africa December 1999
S 1.2:F 68/AMER. Focus on the issues, the Americas March 2000
S 1.2:F 68/ASIA Focus on the issues, Asia & the Pacific November 1999
S 1.2:F 68/CIVIL Focus on the issues, Strengthening Civil Society & The Rule Of Law January 2000
S 1.2:F 68/EUR Focus on the issues Europe September 1999
S 1.2:F 68/PEACE Focus on the issues, Building Peace & Security Around The World February 2000
S 1.2:F 76 E/999 Foreign entry requirements March 1999

S 1.2:H 62 A natural history of seed money August 1999
S 1.2:H 88/8 U.S. international response to HIV/AIDS, 1999 January 1999
S 1.2:N 56 Nigerian advance fee fraud April 1997
S 1.2:P 26/30/2003 Passports, applying the easy way January 2003

S 1.2:R 31/4/996 Registration, the first step in defense trade March 1996
S 1.2:ST 9/2/2002-03 United States Dept. of State Student Intern Program, 2002-2003 July 2002
S 1.8:2000/WIN. Diplomatic list, winter 2000 December 1999
S 1.40/2:D 82/3 Diplomatic & consular immunity, guidance for law enforcement & judicial authorities May 1999
S 1.40/2:EP 8 Environmental education in the schools 1994
S 1.40/2:F 76/11/2001-2002 Foreign Service Career-Candidate Guidebook, 2001-2002 July 2001
S 1.127:AU 4 1996 post report Angola August 1996
S 1.127:AU 7/996 1996 post report Australia July 1996
S 1.127:B 41/3/996 1996 post report Belgium July 1996
S 1.127:C 16/996 1996 post report Canada April 1996
S 1.127:C 43/996 1996 post report Chile July 1996
S 1.127:C 44/996 1996 post report China December 1996
S 1.127:C 72/998 1998 post report Colombia May 1998
S 1.127:D 64/996 1996 post report Djibouti December 1996
S 1.127:EL 7 1998 post report El Salvador June 1998
S 1.127:EL 7/998 1998 post report El Salvador June 1998
S 1.127:ER 4 1996 post report Eritrea July 1996
S 1.127:ET 3/996 1996 post report Ethiopia August 1996
S 1.127:IN 2/997 1997 post report Indonesia February 1997
S 1.127:K 99 1998 post report Kyrgyzstan May 1998
S 1.127:N 56/2/998 1998 post report Niger March 1998
S 1.127:L 71/997 1997 post report Lithuania May 1997
S 1.127:P 19/996 1996 post report Panama August 1996
S 1.127:SL 5 1998 post report Slovakia September 1998
S 1.127:SW 6/996 1996 post report Switzerland December 1996
S 1.127:T 13/2 1997 post report Tajikistan June 1997
S 1.127:T 84/2 1997 post report Turkmenistan April 1997
S 1.127:UG 1/996 1996 post report Uganda July 1996
S 1.127:V 67 1997 post report Vietnam April 1997
S 1.138:2000 Patterns of global terrorism, 2000 April 2001
S 1.138/2:996, 997 Significant incidents of political violence against Americans, July 1997, November 1998
S 1.138/3:999/8 Political violence against Americans 1999
S 1.148:998 Hidden killers, 1998, the global landmine crisis September 1998
S 22.116:999-2000 World military expenditures & arms transfers, 1999-2000 June 2002
SBA 1.1/2:999-2000 The state of small business, a report of the President 2001
SBA 1.2:AN 4 ACE-Net, the angel capital electronic network January 1998
SBA 1.2:C 73/5 Commercial loan servicing centers 1996
SBA 1.2:C 86/4 The government credit card program 1999
SBA 1.2:D 38/999 Technical assistance directory, the new delta January 1999
SBA 1.2:D 63/5/996 SBA the facts about disaster assistance loans for home & personal property August 1996
SBA 1.2:D 65/2001 SBA low documentation smaller business loans June 2001
SBA 1.2:EX 7/5 SBAExpress, smaller business loans August 1998
SBA 1.2:EX 7/6/2002 SBA export financing for small businesses August 2002
SBA 1.2:EX 7/7 The new SBAExpress loan program for small businesses July 2002
SBA 1.2:F 11/ADVISOR/997 The facts about the U.S. business advisor July 1997
SBA 1.2:F 11/ASSET/998 The facts about fixed asset loans February 1998
SBA 1.2:F 11/CAPLINE/996-2 The facts about cap lines loan program August 1996
SBA .2:F 11/CASH/996 The facts about understanding cash-flow August 1996
SBA 1.2:F 11/DISAST. The facts about physical disaster business loans April 1997
SBA 1.2:F 11/ECONOM. The facts about economic injury disaster loans for small businesses April 1997
SBA 1.2:F 11/SMALL BUS./996-2 The facts about small business August 1996
SBA 1.2:F 11/SUPERH./996-2 The facts about SBA on the information superhighway September 1996
SBA 1.2:P 94/12/2002 SBA profile: who we are & what we do 2002
SBA 1.2:P 94/13/2002-2 SBA programs & services 2003
SBA 1.2:SM 1/17/998 SBIC program statistical package January 1998

SBA 1.19:L 78 Loan servicing requests guidelines 1998
SBA 1.19:P 94/3 Procurement opportunities: a small business guide to procurement reform March 1996
SBA 1.49/2:1/2002 SBA the facts about disaster assistance loans for homes & personal property February 2002
SBA 1.49/2:2/2002 SBA the facts about physical disaster business loans February 202
SBA 1.49/2:3/2001 SBA the facts about economic injury disaster loans for small businesses September 2000
SBA 1.49/2:0040 SBA the facts about the economic impact of small businesses July 2001
SBA 1.49/2:0028/2002-2 SBA the facts about starting a small business January 2002
SBA 1.49/2;0078/2000 SBA the facts about the small business welfare to work initiative January 2000

SI 8.2:EX 8/2/998 National Gallery of Art, extension programs catalogue 1998
SI 8.2:T 22/2001-2002 2001-2002 National Gallery of Art, Teacher & School Programs 2001
SSA 1.1/3:999 Social Security Accountability Report For Fiscal Year 1999 November 1999
SSA 1.2:AC 2 Social Security Accountability Report For Fiscal Year 1997 1998
SSA 1.2:AD 9/V.1-2/994-96 Report of the 1994-1996 Advisory Council On Social Security 1997
SSA 1.2:AL 4 Extranejos admitidos legalmente, cuando necesitan un numero de seguro social y cuando no lo necesitan June 1997
SSA 1.2:B 43 Social Security, when you'll get your benefit May 1997
SSA 1.2:B 61/3/2000 Social Security, if you are blind or have low vision, how we can help March 2000
SSA 1.2:C 43/17 Social Security numbers for children July 2000
SSA 1.2:C 43/17/SPAN Seguro social, numerous para ninos October 2000
SSA 1.2:C 83/2000 How state & local government employees are covered by Social Security & Medicare July 2000
SSA 1.2:D 36 Facts & figures about Social Security 1996
SSA 1.2:D 45 A brief description of the U.S. Social Security program 1997
SSA 1.2:D 54 Social Security, toward a national dialogue 1998
SSA 1.2:D 63/2/2000 Social Security, disability benefits August 2000
SSA 1.2:D 63/2/2000-2/SPAN. Seguro social, beneficios de incapacidad September 2000
SSA 1.2:D 62 SSA headquarters & regional offices directory 1997
SSA 1.2:EM 7/KIT Social Security, what employers & employees need to know January 1997
SSA 1.2:F 11/2000/SPAN. Seguro social, hechos basicos July 2000
SSA 1.2:F 11/2001 Social Security, basic facts January 2001

SSA 1.2:F 73/2/998 Social Security food stamp facts March 1998
SSA 1.2:F 73/2/998/SPAN Seguro social, hechos sobre cupones de alimentos May 1998
SSA 1.2:F 98/2 Charting the future of Social Security's disability programs, the need for fundamental change January 2001
SSA 1.2:F 98/2000 The future of Social Security August 2000
SSA 1.2:F 98/2000/SPAN. El futuro del seguro social August 2000
SSA 1.2:H 35/2 Why you should have your hearing by video October 2004
SSA 1.2:IN 2/2 Income of disabled worker beneficiaries January 2001
SSA 1.2:M 27/2 Magnetic media reporting of forms 499R-2/W-2PR, for Puerto Rico sited employees for tax year 2000 August 2000
SSA 1.2:M 27/3 Magnetic media reporting of form W-2VI for Virgin Islands sited employees for tax year 2000 August 2000
SSA 1.2:M 27/4 Magnetic media reporting of forms W-2GU & W-2AS for Guam & American Samoa sited employees submitting annual copy A information to the SSA, for tax year 2000 August 2000
SSA 1.2:M 46/2/998/SPAN. Se necesita un examen especial para su reclamacion de incapacidad May 1998
SSA 1.2:M 46/3/2001 Medicare March 2001
SSA 1.2:M 46/3/2001/SPAN Seguro Social July 2001
SSA 1.2:P 29/2001/ENG./SPAN. Social Security, your payments while you are outside the United States May 2001
SSA 1.2:P 75 Developing Social Security policy: how the SSA can provide greater policy leadership March 1997
SSA 1.2:PA 1 Social Security performance plan for fiscal year 2002 & revised final performance plan for fiscal year 2001 2001
SSA 1.2:Q 4 Quickstart, the SSA introduces a new public service initiative 1997
SSA 1.2:R 24/2/2001/SPAN. Seguro social, puede usted recibir SSI? March 2001
SSA 1.2:R 29/4 What you should know when a representative payee manages your money November 1999
SSA 1.2:R 31/3/2000 Retirement benefits August 2000
SSA 1.2:R 31/3/SPAN. Beneficios de jubilacion September 2000
SSA 1.2:SE 8 How the Social Security Administration can improve its services to the public September 1999
SSA 1.2:SO 13/2001 Social Security, how you earn your credits January 200
SSA 1.2:SO 13/5/999 1999 Social Security update, Chicago region 1999
SSA 1.2:ST 8 Strengthening Social Security research: the responsibility of the SSA January 1998
SSA 1.2:SU 7/2001 What you need to know when you get SSI June 2001
SSA 1.2:SU 7/5/2000 Survivors benefits August 2000
SSA 1.2:SU 7/5/2000/SPAN. Reneficios de sobrevivientes September 2000
SSA 1.2:T 19/2000-2 Your taxes, what they're paying for & where the money goes August 2000
SSA 1.2:T 19/2000/SPAN. Sus impuestos, lo que estan pagando y donde va el dinero May 2000
SSA 1.2:UN 2/2000-SPAN. Comprendiendo los beneficios September 2000
SSA 1.2:UN 2/2001 Understanding the benefits February 2001
SSA 1.2:UN 2/2 Understanding SSI 1996
SSA 1.2:UN 2/3 Understanding the Social Security Disability Program 2001
SSA 1.2:UN 2/6 Understanding Social Security's disability programs mental impairments 2004
SSA 1.2:UN 5 Understanding SSI disability for children 2003
SSA 1.2:V 82 Social security 2010 vision August 2000
SSA 1.2:V 85/2001 How we can help with vocational rehabilitation May 2001
SSA 1.2:W 12/999 Wage reporting for employers May 1999
SSA 1.2:W 84/999 What every woman should know October 1999
SSA 1.2:W 84/999/SPAN. Lo que toda mujer debe saber February 1999
SSA 1.2:W 89/4/997 Social Security, how workers' compensation & other disability payments may affect your benefits June 1997
SSA 1.2:W 89/5/999/SPAN. Como podemos ayudarle si trabaja mientras esta incapacitado March 1999
SSA 1.2:W 89/5/2001 Working while disabled, how we can help April 2001
SSA 1.2:W 89/6/2000-2 How work affects your benefits May 2000
SSA 1.2:W 89/6/2001//SPAN. Como el trabajo afecta sus beneficios March 2001
SSA 1.2/15:AP 4/2006 The appeals process BRAILLE January 2006
SSA 1.2/15:IN 2/2007 Understanding the benefits BRAILLE January 2007
SSA 1.2/15:IN 3/2005 Social Security Administration public information pamphlets & fact sheets available in alternative media 2006
SSA 1.2/15:M 46/2 What you need to complete the application for help with Medicare prescription drug plan costs BRAILLE April 2005
SSA 1.2/15:M 46/3 Getting help with Medicare prescription drug plan costs life insurance: face & cash values BRAILLE May 2005
SSA 1.2/15:M 46/4 Help available to pay costs of Medicare's new prescription drug program BRAILLE April 2005
SSA 1.2/15:T 43/3 Ticket to work, recruitment & outreach BRAILLE February 2008
SSA 1.2/15:T 43/4 Ticket to work, proposed regulations overview BRAILLE January 2008
SSA 1.2/15:T 43/5 Ticket to work & work incentives, working for you, building success BRAILLE January 2008
SSA 1.2/15:T 43/6 En resources, where to get help: participating in ticket to work BRAILLE January 2008
SSA 1.2/15:T 43/7 Ticket to work, the basics BRAILLE February 2008
SSA 1.2/15:W 89/2/2004 Working while disabled, a guide to plans for achieving self-support BRAILLE February 2004
SSA 1.2/15:W 89/3/2003/V.1 2003 Red Book, a summary guide to employment support for people with disabilities… BRAILLE 2003
SSA 1.8:C 43/2/2001 Childhood disability, the SSI program, a guide for physicians & other health professionals December 2001
SSA 1.8:C 43/3 Childhood disability, the SSI program, a guide for school professional December 2001
SSA 1.8:D 63/2 A guide for people with disabilities seeking employment October 2000
SSA 1.8:D 63/2/2000/SPAN. Beneficios de incapacidad January 2000
SSA 1.8:EM 7 2001 red book on employment support January 2001
SSA 1.8:G 91/2000 A guide to SSI for groups & organizations June 1000
SSA 1.8:P 29/998 A guide for representative payees April 1998
SSA 1.8:P 29/998/SPAN. Una guia para representantes de beneficiaries May 1998
SSA 1.8:P 96 Guide to pulmonary function studies under the Social Security disability program June 1999
SSA 1.8:W 89/2000 Red book on work incentives July 2000
SSA 1.8/3:2001 Social Security handbook, Your basic guide to the social security programs. 14th ed. 2001 March 2001
SSA 1.9:C 76/2003 SSA office directory August 2003
SSA 1.19/2:998 Social Security facts & figures April 1998
SSA 1.21:2001 What you need to know when you get disability benefits April 2001
SSA 1.21:2001/SPAN. Lo que usted necesita saber cuando recibe beneficios de incapacidad May 2001
SSA 1.22:980-97/IND. Author, title, & subject index to the Social Security Bulletin, 1980-1997 June 1998
SSA 1.24/2:997 Social Security programs in the United States July 1997
SSA 1.26:2000 Fast facts & figures about Social Security August 2000
SSA 1.32:2000, 2001 Income of the aged chartbook 2000, 2001
SSA 1.71:2001 Social Security, Supplemental Security Income March 2001


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