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T 17.9:2001 Customs regulations of the United States, 2001 ed. September 2001
T 17.29:T 38/997 International training & advisory assistance programs 1998
T 22.2:C 73/4 Computer familiarization, caring for & using your laptop computer July 1996
T 22.2:C 81/3/2002 A general description of the corporation source book February 2002
T 22.2:P 94/16 Ensuring the protection of taxpayers' rights: responsibilities of examination employees May 2000
T 22.2:P 69/997 Plan your IRS career 1997
T 22.2:SM 1/2 Tax information for small construction businesses May 2001
T 22.2:ST 4 Take a step in the right direction for your small business 1996
T 22.2:SP 6 Government sponsorship of the Federal National Mortgage Association & the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation July 1996
T 22.2:T 71 U.S. income tax treaties March 1999
T 22.2:W 39 Small business & self-employed community website 2003
T 22.2/11:2003, 2004-3 Supplement to Publication 78, Cumulative List of Organizations 2003, 2004
T 22.2/11:2003/v.1-3 Cumulative List of Organizations, described in section 170 ( c ) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 September 2003
T 22.19/2:ES 8/2 The Internal Revenue Service specialty tax institute presents: advanced topics for estate tax attorneys, study guide September 1997
T 22.19/2:EX 3/2/TRANS.4.25.30 Manual transmittal, IRS service June 2003
T 22.19/2:EX 3/2/TRANS.7.25.1-1 Manual transmittal, IRS service 2004
T 22.19/2:EX 3/2/TRANS.7.27.4 IRM's 7.27, exempt organization tax manual 2001
T 22.19/2:EX 3/2/TRANS.7/25.28 Manual transmittal, IRS service April 2003
T 22.19/2:EX 3/2/TRANS.7.28.2 Manual transmittal, IRS service December 2003
T 22.19/2:EX 3/3/TRANS.7.8.1/CH.1 Manual transmittal, IRS service May 1999
T 22.19/2:EX 3/4/TRANS.7.9/CH.3/992-2 Manual transmittal, IRS service March 1999
T 22.19/2:EX 3/5/TRANS.7.25.1/ETC IRM's 7.25, exempt organizations determination manual May 2002
T 22.19/2:EX 3/5/TRANS. IRM's 7.25, exempt organizations determination manual 2001
T 22.19/2:EX 3/6 Manual transmittal, IRS service January 2002
T 22.19/2:H 59 2000 tax hints, a practitioner's guide to the Austin IRS centers January 2000
T 22.19/2:SE 5 Sentencing guidelines handbook May 1996
T 22.19/2:T 19/10 Taxpayer advocate case processing guide August 1999
T 22.19/2:V 88/2001/PACK Volunteer assistance guide, for use in IRS volunteer programs VITA & TCE 2001
T 22.19/2:V 88/3/2003 VITA, TCE volunteer coordinator's handbook 2003
T 22.19/2:V 88/9 Volunteer IRS e-file handbook January 2003
T 22.44/2:21/SUPP98/KIT Understanding taxes 1998
T 22.44/2:950/2002 Introduction to estate & gift taxes March 2002
T 22.4/2:963 Federal State Reference Guide 2002
T 22.44/2:1066/2000 Small business tax workshop workbook April 2000
T 22.44/2:1066 SP/2004 Taller de impuestos para pequenos negocios, cuaderno de trabajo 2004
T 22.44/2:1057/2000 Get your business off to a successful start, intro to federal taxes for small business/self-employed November 2001
T 22.44/2:1167/2000 Revenue procedure 2000-19 May 2000
T 22.44/2:"1219/2001 A community service that can work for you October 2001
T 22.44/2:1224/2001 Looking for a speaker, free community outreach tax education August 2001
T 22.44/2:1235 SP/ENG./2001 El pago adelantado del credito tributario por ingreso del trabajo December 2001
T 22.44/2:1275/2000 Volunteer, a rainbow of opportunities, brighten your community May 2000
T 22.44/2:1345/2001 Handbook for authorized IRS e-file providers of individual income tax returns January 2001
T 22.44/2:1345 A/SUPP./2000 E-file, filing season supplement for electronic return originators, TY 2000 January 2001
T 22.44/2:1346/2002 Electronic return file specifications & record layouts for individual income tax returns, TY 2002 August 2002
T 22.44/2:1466/995/KIT STEP resource kit 1996
T 22.44/2:15000/2003 The IRS Research Bulletin November 2003
T 22.44/2:1525/2002 Publication 1525, File Specifications Validation Criteria & Record Layouts for the 1065 E-File Program October 2002
T 22.44/2:1582/2002 Information returns vendor list January 2002
T 22.44/2:1583/2001 Business talk for small business… August 2001
T 22.44/2:1600/2000 Disaster losses, help from the IRS January 2000
T 22.44/2:1771 Charitable contributions substantiation & disclosure requirements March 2002
T 22.44/2:1811/2003 IRS Nationwide Tax Forums, Seminar Handbook, 2003 June 2003
T 22.44/2:1844/2000 How advance EITC can add to employees' take home pay year round August 2000
T 22.44/2:1872 SP/2000 Lo que usted necesita saber sobre las propinas…guia para declarer... 2000
T 22.44/2:1857/2002 E-file, so easy no wonder 40 million people use it February 2002
T 22.44/2:1977/2000 2000 IRS volunteer quick reference guide 2000
T 22.44/2:2105, 2105/2003 Why do I have to pay taxes February 1997, March 2003
T 22.44/2:2182/2000 IRS corporate partnership program April 2000
T 22.44/2:2184 Publication 2184, Alternative Ways To Get Employment Tax Forms & Instructions 2000
T 22.44/2:2194/2000 Disaster losses kit for individuals December 2000
T 22.44/2:2194 B Disaster losses kit for businesses December 2000
T 22.44/2:2196/2000 Practitioner education program for tax professionals May 2000
T 22.44/2:3007/2000 Questions & answers for taxpayers, join the 30 million Americans who e-file January 2000
T 22.44/2:3107/2003 EITC 2003 tax professionals guide January 2003
T 22.44/2:3107 E Earned Income Tax Credit, a toolkit for tax professionals July 2003
T 22.44/2:3136/2001 People 15 to 19 years old: you may not be required to have federal tax withheld October 2001
T 22.44/2:3137/2001 People on a pension, you may not be required to have federal tax withheld October 2001
T 22.44/2:3148 SP Lo que usted necesita saber sobre las propinas, guia para declarer… January 2000
T 22.44/2:3161/2002 U.S. possessions tax forms 2002
T 22.44/2:3167/2000 The IRS wants you to know, save up to $500 for each child January 2000
T 22.44/2:3168/2000 The IRS wants you to know, five ways to save on your '99 taxes January 2000
T 22.44/2:3169/2000 The IRS wants you to know, IRA tax benefits 1999 January 2000
T 22.44/2:3171/2000 The IRS wants you to know Save up to $1500 on college January 2000
T 22.44/2:3187 A strategy for growth November 1999
T 22.44/2:3195, 3195/2001 You may not need to file a 2000 tax return October 2000, October 2001
T 22.44/2:3211 M EITC Q & A's, you may have earned it, why not claim it? 2003
T 22.44/2:3211 SP/2000 Preguntas y respuestas sobre el credito tributario por ingreso del trabajo (EITC) December 2000
T 22.44/2:3228 General information for taxpayers, payment by credit card January 2000
T 22.44/2:3229 General information for taxpayers, payment by direct debit September 2000
T 22.44/2:3326/2001 IRS nationwide tax forums, registration booklet, 2001 April 2001
T 22.44/2:3328/2003 How to file your child's 2002 tax return, information for parents of Alaskan children January 2003
T 22.44/2:3349 Modernizing America's tax agency, 2000 January 2000
T 22.44/2:3402 Tax issues for limited liability companies July 2000
T 22.44/2:3416/2002 Publication 3416, 1065 E-File Program… 2003
T 22.44/2:3425/2000 4 easy ways to use EFTPS for tax practitioners… September 2000
T 22.44/2:3453 Thank you for not filing November 1999
T 22.44/2:3603/2003 IRS e-file business return options May 2003
T 22.44/2:3645 IRS customer satisfaction, working to put service first October 2000
T 22.44/2:3735 National taxpayer advocate, 2003 annual report to Congress September 2004
T 22.44/2:3745 The Small Business Resource Guide February 2001
T 22.44/2:3851 Privacy, working to build public trust 2001
T 22.44/2:3921 Help from The Internal Revenue Service for those affected by the terrorist attacks on America September 2001
T 22.44/2:4176 IRS e-file process, a suggested process… May 2003
T 22.44/4-2:2001 Volunteer assistor's guide, military module student text 2002
T 22.44/2:4143 Cosmetology, learning the art of doing business, federal taxation curriculum for cosmetology students November 2003
T 22.44/2:4143 A Cosmetology, learning the art of doing business, federal taxation curriculum for cosmetology students, instructor's guide November 2003
T 22.44/2:4177 Getting ready to use IRS e-file, before you begin e-filing… May 2003
T 22.69:EL 2 Everything you've ever wanted to know about EFTPs…March 2002
T 28.2:C 66/14/996/PACK 20th anniversary of the Roosevelt dime 1997
T 28.2:C 66/16/ENV. The 1996 proof coin set, U.S. Mint 1996
T 28.2:M 66/5/997 The 1997 proof set, U.S. Mint 1997
T 28.2:SI 3/996/ENV the 1996 silver proof set, U.S. Mint 1996
T 34.2:SE 2/3 Public Report Of The White House Security Review May 1995
T 70.2:B 63/2/998 Bomb & physical security planning 1998
T 70.2:C 86/2 ATF, the youth crime gun interdiction initiative, performance report October 1998
T 70.2:EN 2 Following the gun: enforcing federal laws against firearms traffickers June 2000
T 70.2:OP 2 ATF operations security personal safeguards July 1997
T 70.8:F 51/3/2000 Federal firearms regulations reference guide 2000

T 70.8:R 11 Radio communications handbook August 1999
T 70.15:995 Firearms curios or relics list October 1995
T 70.24:2000 Commerce in firearms in the United States February 2000
TD 1.2:D 65 Docket management system 2002
TD 1.102:ST 8 National strategies for advancing bicycle safety June 2001
TD 4.2:AI 7/62 This is air traffic services 1997
TD 4.2:AI 7/63 1996 air traffic services 1997
TD 4.2:AI 7/64 1998 airport surface operations safety action plan… 1998
TD 4.2:AN 3 Database of ground-based anemometer measurements of wake vortices at Kennedy Airport July 1997
TD 4.2:AR 4 Human performance consideration in the use & design of aircraft checklists January 1995
TD 4.2:AV 5/21/999 Aviation weather formats: METAR/TAF March 1999
TD 4.2:B 23 Collective bargaining agreement between the National Association Of Government Employees SEIU/AFL-CIP & the FAA May 1998
TD 4.2:C 43/3 Childproof your flight 2005
TD 4.2:C 73/8 The core compensation plan 2000
TD 4.2:C 73/9 FAA compensation plan job documentation 2000
TD 4.2:C 76/4 Agreement between the National Air Traffic Controllers Association & the FAA September 1998
TD 4.2:D 63/2 Disorientation, or who's gyros can you trust 1997
TD 4.2:EV 1 Evaluation of FAA acquisition reform, the first three years: April 1996-March 1999 May 1999
TD 4.2:G 87 Avoiding aviation gridlock & reducing the accident rate December 1997
TD 4.2:G 91/2 Right from the ground up, safety is in the air 1998
TD 4.2:IN 8/6 FAA International Technical Assistance Programs June 1997
TD 4.2:H 88 A human subject evaluation of airport surface situational awareness using prototypical flight…. November 1995
TD 4.2:P 21 Parachute basics 1998
TD 4.2:R 11 Realistic radio communications in pilot simulator training December 2000
TD 4.2:R 27 Federal Aviation Administration's reinvention journey 1999
TD 4.2:R 31/2/999 National Resource Specialist Program 1999
TD 4.2:SE 9/2 Preventing sexual harassment in the work place September 1997
TD 4.2:SM 7 Smoke 1997
TD 4.2:SU 7 Sun'n fun 99 1999
TD 4.2:SU 7/6 Surface safety: everyone's responsibility 2000
TD 4.2:T 67/2 Air traffic selection & training for the next generation… 2003
TD 4.6:135/995/ch.11 Federal Aviation Administration Human Factors Team report on: the interfaces between flight crews & modern flight deck systems June 1996
TD 4.8/5:00-2-13 Advisory Circular, advisory circular checklist & status of the FAA… June 2000
TD 4.8/5:00-45 E Advisory Circular, aviation weather services December 1999
TD 4.8/5:00-56 Advisory Circular, voluntary industry distributor. September 1996
TD 4.8/5:00-57 Advisory Circular, hazardous mountain winds & their visual indicators 1997
TD 4.8/5:00-59 Advisory Circular, integrating helicopter & tiltrotor assets into disaster relief planning November 1998
TD 4.8/5:00-60 Advisory Circular, North American Free Trade Agreement & specialty air… November 1999
TD 4.8/5:20 B Advisory Circular, supplier surveillance procedures April 1996
TD 4.8/5:20-5 G Advisory Circular, plane sense, general aviation information 1996
TD 4.8/5:20-40 Advisory Circular, placards for battery excited alternators… 1997
TD 4.8/5:20-44 Advisory Circular, glass fiber fabric for aircraft covering 1997
TD 4.8/5:20-62 D Advisory Circular, eligibility, quality, and identification of aeronautical… May 1996
TD 4.8/5:20-110 K Advisory Circular, index of aviation technical… September 1999
TD 4.8/5:20-126 G Advisory Circular, Aircraft Certification Service… November 1999
TD 4.8/5:20-138 A Advisory Circular, airworthiness approval of global navigation… December 2003
TD 4.8/5:20-139 Advisory Circular, commercial assistance during construction… April 1996
TD 4.8/5:20-140 Advisory Circular, guidelines for design approval of aircraft data… August 1999
TD 4.8/5:21-2 J Advisory Circular, export airworthiness approval… June 2000
TD 4.8/5:21-16 D Advisory Circular, RTCA document DO-160D July 1998
TD 4.8/5:21-32 A Advisory Circular, control of products and parts shipped… March 1996
TD 4.8/5:21-40 Advisory Circular, application guide for obtaining a supplemental type certificate May 1998
TD 4.8/5:21-23 A Advisory Circular, airworthiness certification of civil aircraft… October 2000
TD 4.8/5:23-11 A Advisory Circular, 14 CFR Part 23 type certification… July 2003
TD 4.8/5:23-16 Advisory Circular, power plant guide for certification… September 1999
TD 4.8/5:23-17-A Advisory Circular, systems and equipment guide for certification… June 2002
TD 4.8/5:23-1521-s/CH.1 Advisory Circular, type certification of oxygenates… April 1996
TD 4.8/5:23-19 Advisory Circular, airframe guide for certification… January 2003
TD 4.8/5:25-7 a Advisory Circular, flight test guide for certification of transport category airplanes March 1998
TD 4.8/5:25-21 Advisory Circular, certification of transport airplanes structure September 1999
TD 4.8/5:25-1419-1 Advisory Circular, certification of transport category airplanes… August 1999
TD 4.8/5:27-1 B Advisory Circular, certification of normal category rotorcraft September 1999
TD 4.8/5:29-2 B Advisory Circular, certification of transport category rotorcraft September 1998
TD 4.8/5:36-3-G Advisory Circular, estimated airplane noise levels in A-weighted decibels April 1995
TD 4.8/5:39-7-C Advisory Circular, airworthiness directives November 1995
TD 4.8/5:43-13-A A Advisory Circular, acceptable methods, techniques, & practices, aircraft inspection & repair 1996
TD 4.8/5:43-16 a/999 Advisory Circular, aviation maintenance alerts July 1999
TD 4.8/5:43-204 Advisory Circular, visual inspection for aircraft August 1997
TD 4.8/6:150/5300-13 Advisory Circular, airport design 2000
TD 4.408:P 64/5/2003 Pilot's Handbook Of Aeronautical Knowledge 2003
TD 5.2:AF 2 United States Coast Guard international affairs 2002
TD 5.2:C 73/7 Commandant's direction 2002
TD 5.2:F 53/4/2001 Federal requirements for commercial fishing industry vessels 2001
TD 5.2:G 93/2 U.S. Coast Guard: America's maritime guardian January 2002
TD 5.2:G 93/3 The U.S. Coast Guard…always ready to answer the call March 2003
TD 5.2:H 75 Maritime strategy for homeland security December 2002
TD 5.2:P 84 Seeing the potential in our differences 2001
TD 5.2:R 29/2001, 2003 Federal requirements safety tips for recreational boats 2001, 2003
TD 5.2:V 88 Volunteer to make a difference 2003
TD 8.2:AF 2 Affirmative employment program plan for minorities & women 1995
TD 8.2:AG 4/2 Program evaluation: measuring the value of active aging August 2004

TD 8.2:F 41/13 Program strategies for increasing safety belt usage in rural areas November 1996
TD 8.2:C 15/995-2/PACK Campaign safe & sober 1998
TD 8.2:C 28/2003 Traffic safety materials catalog 2003
TD 8.2:C 43/5 Child passenger safety 2004
TD 8.2:C 43/21 8 child passenger safety tips 1996
TD 8.2:C 43/24 Child passenger safety courses, 2001-2004, community training September 2003
TD 8.2:C 69/11 Moving forward: expanding collaborations between traffic safety & public health 1996
TD 8.2:C 73/31 Highway safety in black/African American communities: issues & strategies March 2004
TD 8.2:C 73/23 Traffic safety programs, compendium of traffic safety research projects 1996
TD 8.2:C 85/28 Approaching alternative fueled vehicle crashes, emergency personnel June 1996
TD 8.2:C 88/2004 Cruisin' without bruisin' September 2004
TD 8.2:D 83/55/2003 National advanced driving simulator 2003
TD 8.2:D 83/58 Problem identification study/report on DWI: an African American perspective July 1996
TD 8.2:D 83/57 Advise for drivers of ABS-equipped heavy vehicles 1996
TD 8.2:D 84/11/INFOR.PACK/996 Take a stand against impaired driving 1996
TD 8.2:D 84/13 Three ways to keep a friend, friends don't let friends drive drunk June 2001
TD 8.2:EM 3/17 Emergency medical services, NHTSA leading the way 1996
TD 8.2:EM 3/18 Emergency medical services, agenda for the future 1996
TD 8.2:EM 3/19 Public information, education & relations-national standard curriculum 1997
TD 8.2:EM 3/23 Emergency medical services outcomes evaluation July 2003
TD 8.3:EN/2/10 Contribution of traffic enforcement to the war on crime 1996
TD 8.2:F 26/5 Youth fatal crash alcohol facts 1994
TD 8.2:F 26/6/2001 Fatality analysis reporting system general estimates system 2001 data summary January 3003
TD 8.2:H 36/3 Bike helmet contract 1996
TD 8.2:H 53/8 The highway safety desk book 1996
TD 8.2:IN 5/5/996-2 Consensus statement on the EMS role in primary injury prevention April 1996
TD 8.2:K 53 Kids school bus you July 1996
TD 8.2:M 45/14 Driving when you are taking medications August 2004
TD 8.2:M 46/13 Alcohol screening & brief intervention in the medical setting 2002
TD 8.2:M 85/31/2003 Motor vehicle defects & recall campaigns July 2003
TS 8.2:M 85/36/V.6/2000 Child Safety Seat Report, Motor Vehicle Occupant Safety Survey, 2000 2002
TD 8.2:R 43/4 Ride like a pro, fact sheet 1996
TD 8.2:SA 1/48 Safety belts & African Americans- 2003 report March 2003
TD 8.2:SE 1/5 Baby seats, safety belts, & you 1995
TD 8.2:SE 1/6 Are you using it right? 1996
TD 8.2:SP 3/8 Special traffic enforcement programs, put them to work in your community September 1995
TD 8.2:ST 8/996 The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration strategic execution plan 1996
TD 8.2:T 22/3 Team spirit, a community based youth leadership program to prevent the abuse… 1996
TD 8.2:T 67/16/996 Traffic Safety Digest, a compendium… March 1996
TD 8.2:T 67/16/996-2 Traffic Safety Digest, a compendium.. Winter 1996
TD 8.2:T 67/18 Traffic safety & crime, keeping pace 1996
TD 12.2:2000 Transportation statistics annual report, 2000 2002
TD 12.2:B 97 Bicycle & pedestrian data: sources, needs & gaps 2000
TD 12.15/4:2000 Airport activity statistics of certificated air carriers, summary tables December 2000
VA 1.2:C 43 Children of women Vietnam veterans, health care benefits program March 2002
VA 1.2:EQ 5 VERA 10 high cost patients & capping, 2003 March 2003
VA 1.19:01-00-1 Board of Veterans' Appeals, understanding the appeal process January 2000
VA 1.19:05-68/997 Master agreement between the Dept. of Veterans Affairs & the American Federation of Government Employees, 1997 1997
VA 1.19:22-79-3/2003 Dependents' educational assistance program February 2003
VA 1.19:22-90-2/2001 The Montgomery GI bill-active duty July 2001
VA 1.19:22-90-3/2003 The Montgomery GI bill-selected reserve September 2003
VA 1.19:26-5/997 Pointers for the veteran homeowner, a guide for veterans whose home mortgage is guaranteed or insured under the GI Bill June 1997
VA 1.19:26-96-1 Settlement costs, Dept. of Veterans Affairs March 1996
VA 1.19:80-97-1/SPAN. Beneficios federales para veteranos y dependientes, 1997 ed. 1997
VA 1.19:80-04-1 Federal benefits for veterans & dependents, 2004 ed. 2004

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