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 A 1.82:540      The Cold-Wall Trailer                                                                         1962                                                   
A 1.94:Ec 7      Economic Aspects of Soviet Agriculture                                                                                 1959                                                           
CC 1.2:T 237/4            Economic Analysis of Community Antenna Television Systems                                                                                 1965                                                   
FP 1.7:P 96/957           Regulations to Govern the Preservation of Records                                                                          1957                                                   
FS 3.305:F 31/959       The Federal Credit Union Act                                                                         1959                                                   
FS 3.306/2:C 86/964   Credit Manual for Federal Credit Unions                                                                               1964                                                   
FS 3.306/2:F 31/          Handbook for Federal Credit Unions                                                                          1964                                                           
GA 1.12           The Joint Financial Management Improvement Program                                                                             1962                                                   
I 1.72:4 1x       Conservation of our Natural Resources                                                                                 1957                                                           
I 19.3:1372-D  The McHugh Complex of South-Central Alaska                                                                                 1973                                                   
I 19.4/2:613     Seismic Activity During 1968 Test Pumping at Rocky Mountain Arsenal                                                                              1969                                                   
I 19.3:1870-B   Floods of April 28, 1966 in the Northern Part of Dallas, Texas                                                                                  1969                                                   
I 29.6:AL 5       Allegheny Parkway                                                                             1964                                                   
L 1.39/3:5        Oak Glen- A Training Camp for Unemployed Youth                                                                          1966                                                   
L 1.39/3:7        Work Force Adjustments in Private Industry - Their Implications for Manpower Policy                                                                              1968                                                   
L 2.3:1319       Implications of Automaton and Other Technological Developments                                                                                    1962                                                   
L 2.3:1407       Labor Mobility and Private Pension Plans                                                                              1964                                                           
L 7.61:U-198/  Unemployment insurance, state laws and experience                                              L 33.2:St 2/ L37/202:St 2                            1961                                                   
PREX 6.2:F 49  Report of the Committee on Financial Institutions to the President of the United States                                                                            1963                                                   
T 1.2:D 69/968-2         Maintaining The Strength of The United States Dollar in a Strong Free World Economy                                                                                    1968                                                   
T 12.6:925       The National-Bank Act As Amended and Other Laws Relating to National Banks                                                                            1925                                                   
Y 3.G 74/2:B 29           Report of the U.S. Commission on Government Security                                                                              1957                                                   
Y 3.Or 3/2:2 L 54         Lending, Guaranteeing, and Insurance Activities                                                                               1955                                                   
Y 3.Or 3/2:8 L 54         Report on Lending Agencies                                                                           1955                                                   
Y 4.J 89/1:B 22/25       Bank Mergers and Concentration of Banking Facilities                                                                                 1952                                                   
Y 4.SM 1/2:M 75         Monopolistic Practices and Small Business                                                                            1952                                                   
            A Compendium of Materials on Monetary, Credit, and Fiscal Policies                                             [U.S.] 81st Cong. 2d Sess. [1950] Senate Document no. 132                                   1956