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L 2.3/10:   Employee benefits in medium and

large firms 1984-1997   various     incomplete

L 2.3/10-2: Employee benefits in state and

local governments  1987-1998  various     incomplete

L 2.3/11:   Occupational injuries and

illnesses in the united states by industry 1983-

2005  various     incomplete

L 2.3/12:   Geographic profile of employment

and unemployment 1986-1993    various     incomplete

L 2.3/13    National survey of profesional

administrative technical and clerical pay March

1985-March 1986   various     incomplete

L 2.3/13-2: 987   National sruvey of professional

administrative technical and clerical pay private

service industries march 1987 Feb-88      incomplete

L 2.3/16:   Occupational employment in

manufacturing industries 1985-1992  various    


L 2.3/18:   Consumer expenditure survey

interview survey april 1985-August 1989   various    


L 2.3/18-2: Consumer expenditure survey

interview survey 1982-1983    Mar-86      incomplete

L 2.3/20:   Productivity measures for selected

industries mar 1986-May 1995  various     incomplete

L 2.3/36:   Mass layoffs nov 1990 and feb 1992 

various     incomplete

L 2.6/A:    feca SEPT 1991 ISSUE    Feb-92     


L 2.6/A: AD 9/3   Training among young adults who

what kind and for how long    no date     incomplete

L 2.6/A: C 76/2   Spending by older consumers 1980

and 1990 compared Sep-93      incomplete

L 2.6/A: ED 8     Education and the work histories

of young adults   Aug-93      incomplete

L 2.6/A: EM 7/3   Employment and unemployment in

mexico's labor force    Jan-95      incomplete

L 2.6/ A: P 81    Current population survey three

reprints from the monthly labor review    Nov-93     


L 2.6/A: SA 1     Safety and health profiles in

eight industries  Jun-92      incomplete

L 2.38/8-3: News bureau of labor statistics

Jan 19, 1989-Feb 20, 2008     various     incomplete




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