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SuDoc Number      Title Date Received

J 34.8: P 75      Improving the police respose to

domestic elder abuse    Mar-00

J 34.8: P 75/2    Guide for policy makers Apr-00

J 34.8: SE 9      Sexual assault nurse examiner sane

development and operation guide     Jul-99

J 34.8: V 66/2    Guidelines for victim sensitive

victim offender mediation restorative justince

through dialogue  Sep-00

J 34.10: AS 7     OVC victim assistance national

resource directory      Nov-97

J 34.10: AS 7/999 OVC victim assistance

national resource directory   Apr-99

J 34.10: V 66     Directory of victim offender

mediation programs      Sep-00

J 35.2: T 67      Information for victims of

trafficking in persons and forced labor   Jul-02

J 35.21: 995      Domestic violence and stalking     


J 36.2: C 73      Community policing community

justice and restorative justice     Mar-00

J 36.2: C 79      CIS application checklist    


J 36.2: IN 6/P 25 COPS innovations a closer

look creative partnerships supporting youth

building communities    Nov-02

J 36.2: IN 6/SCH 6      Addressing school related

crime and disorder interim lessons from school

based problem solving projects      Jan-02

J 36.2: P 75      Police department information

systems technology enhancement project    Jun-00

J 36.2: P 75/2    Problem oriented policing    


J 36.2: P 75/3    Mutual respect in policing lesson

plan  no date

J 36.2: P 94      Problem solving partnerships

including the community for a change      Sep-01

J 36.2: T 11      Tackling crime and other public

safety problems case studies in problem solving


J 36.2: T 27      Local law enforcement responds to

terrorism lessons in prevention and preparedness     


J 36.2: T 61      Toolbox for implementing

restorative justice and advancing community

policing    May-00

J 36.2: V 66/3    Bringing victims into community

policing    Jan-02

J 36.2: W 52      West side story project crime

prevention on a new stage     no date

J 36.8: C 79      More 2002 grant owners manual a

step by step guide      Sep-02

J 36.8: M 46      Mediating citizen complaints

against police officers a guide for police and

community leaders Oct-02

J 36.8: M 56      Methamphetamine initiative grant

owners manual     Sep-02

J 36.8: P 94      Using analysis for problem solving

a guidebook for law enforcement     Mar-03

J 36.8: P 94/2    Guide to using school cop to

address student discipline and crime problems  


J 36.8: T 73      TRGP 2002 grand owners manual

tribal resources grant program      Jun-02

JU 2.2: F 81/PACK Report on the death of

vincent w foster jr     Nov-97

JU 2.2: F 81/PACK/APP   Appendix to report on the

death of vincent w foster jr  Nov-97

JU 2.2: IR 5/V.1-3      Final report of the

independent counsel for iran/contra matters    


JU 4.2: M 58      Findings of fact united states of

america v. microsoft corporation    Dec-99

JU 6.8:     US reports numbers 506-543   


JU 10.8: 43/4     Federal probation Dec-79

JU 11.2: L 41/2001      United states tax court a

two year program for law clerks     Sep-01

JU 11.7:    US tax court reports numbers 74-

103   various




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