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SuDoc Number      Title Date Received

J 28.24: ST 8/3   Three strikes and you're out a

review of state legislation   Oct-97

J 28.24/3: P 76/2 The new structure of

policing description conceptualization and

research agenda   Aug-01

J 28.24/3: P 83   NIJ research portfolio 1998  


J 28.24/3: P 83/2000    Research portfolio 4th

edition     Sep-00

J 28.24/3: P 94   Project to develop a model anti

stalking code for states      Nov-93

J 28.24/3: P 94/2/2000  Protective intelligence

threat assessment investigations    Mar-00

J 28.24/3: P 94/3 Problem solving in

practice implementing community policing in

chicago     Aug-00

J 28.24/3: P 94/4/2000  Excellence in problem

oriented policing the 2000 herman goldstein award

winners     Jan-02

J 28.24/3: P 94/5 Community prosecution in

washington dc     Jul-01

J 28.24/3: P 94/2000/SPAN     Investigaciones de

inteligencia de proteccion y evaluacion de

amenazas    Dec-03

J 28.24/3: P 96   Public involvement community

policing in chicago     Jan-00

J 28.24/3: SE 2   The appropriate and effective use

of security technologies in us schools    Dec-99

J 28.24/3: SE 9   Domestic and sexual violence data

collection  Aug-95

J 28.24/3: T 22   Department of justce and

department of defense joint technology program

second anniversary report     Apr-97

J 28.24/3: T 23   Telemedicine can reduce

correctional health care costs      Jun-99

J 28.24/3: UR 3   A comparison of urinalysis

technologies for drug testing in criminal justice    


J 28.24/3: V 66   Victim costs and consequences a

new look    Mar-96

J 28.24/3: V 81   Extent nature and consequesnces of

intimate partner violence     Sep-00

J 28.24/3: V 81/2 Full report of the

prevalence incidence and consequences of violecne

against women     Feb-01

J 28.24/3: W 37   Weapon related victimization in

selected inner city high school samples   Mar-95

J 28.24/3: W 41   National evaluation of weed and

seed cross site analysis      Aug-99

J 28.24/3: W 74   State and local law enforcement

wireless communications and interoperability a

quantitative analysis   Apr-98

J 28.24/3: Y 8    Solving youth violence

partnerships that work  Jul-95

J 28.24/3-2: C 86 Crime prevention through

environmental  design and community policing   


J 28.24/5: 993    Drug use forecasting 1993 annual

report on adult arrestees     Feb-95

J 28.24/6: 993    Drug use forecasting 1993 annual

repot on juvenile arrestees/detainees drugs and

crime in americas cities      Feb-95

J 28.24/7: AD 7   Adolescent violence a view from

the street  Feb-98

J 28.24/7: AD 7/2 Adolescent girls the role

of depression in the development of delinquency


J 28.24/7: AD 9   Adult patterns of ciminal behavior 


J 28.24/7: AT 8   Attitudes toward crime police and

the law individual and neighborhood differences


J 28.24/7: C 43   Childhood victimization and risk

for alcohol and drug arrests  Mar-96

J 28.24/7: C 43/2 Delinquency in china a

study of a birth cohort Jul-96

J 28.24/7: C 43/3 Early childhood

victimization among incarcerated adult male felons   


J 28.24/7: C 73   Community policing in action

lessons from an observational study Jul-98

J 28.24/7: C 73/2 Linking community factors

and individual development    Nov-98

J 28.24/7: C 73/3 Reintegrating juvenile

offenders into the community ojjdps intensive

community based aftercare demonstration program


J 28.24/7: C 81   A corrections based continuum of

effective drug abuse treatment      Jul-96

J 28.24/7: C 86   The extent and costs of crime

victimization a new look      feb 196

J 28.24/7: C 86/3 Predicint criminal

behavior among authorized purchasers of handguns     


J 28.24/7: C 86/4 Crime in the schools a

problem solving approach      Sep-98

J 28.24/7: C 86/5 Reducing crime and drug

dealing by improving place management a randomized

experiment  Feb-99

J 28.24/7: C 86/6 The use of computerized

crime mapping by law enforcement survey results


J 28.24/7: D 84   Drug treatment needs among adult

arrestees in baltimore  Sep-97

J 28.24/7: D 84/2 Drugs alcohol and domestic

violence in memphis     Oct-97

J 28.24/7: D 84/3 Drug courts and the role

of graduated sanctions  Sep-98

J 28.24/7: ET 3   Ethnicity crime and immigration    


J 28.24/7: F 21   Evaluation of family violence

training programs Feb-96

J 28.24/7: G 95   Using gunshot detection technology

in high crime areas     Jul-98

J 28.24/7: H 12   Hair assays and urinalysis results

for juvenile drug offenders   Jun-97

J 28.24/7: H 19   The detroit handgun intervention

program a court-based program for youthful handgun

offenders   Jan-99

J 28.24/7: IM 6   The new immigrant hispanic

population an integrated approach to preventing

delinquency and crime   Jun-96

J 28.24/7: J 98   Juvenile gun violence and gun

markets in boston Mar-97

J 28.24/7: J 98/2 Trends in juvenile

violence in european countries      Jul-98

J 28.24/7: L 11   Labor markets employment and crime 


J 28.24/7: M 29   Coordinating criminal and juvenile

court proceedings in child maltreatment cases  


J 28.24/7: M 31   Case management with drug involved

arrestees   Mar-96

J 28.24/7: M 31/2 Pursuit management task

force Nov-98

J 28.24/7: M 52   Mental illness and violent crime   

no date

J 28.24/7: N 31   Neighborhood collective efficacy

does it help reduce violence  Jun-98

J 28.24/7: N 31/2 When neighbors go to jail

impact on attitudes about formal and informal

social control    Aug-99

J 28.24/7: N 31/3 Policing neighborhoods a

report from st petersburg     Aug-99

J 28.24/7: P 75   Policing drug hot spots Feb-96

J 28.24/7: P 75/2 Managing innovation in

policing the untapped potential of the middle

manager     Feb-96

J 28.24/7: P 75/3 Law enforcement in a time

of community policing   Aug-96

J 28.24/7: P 75/4 Policing neighborhoods a

report from indianapolis      Aug-98

J 28.24/7: P 75/5 Informal information

sharing among police agencies Jan-99

J 28.24/7: P 84   Improved postmortem detection of

carbon monoxide and cyanide   Jul-96

J 28.24/7: P 92   The prevalence and consequences of

child victimization     Jun-97

J 28.24/7: SA 5   Alternative sanctions in germany

an overview of germanyc sentencing practices   


J 28.24/7: ST 1   The crime of stalking how big is

the problem Feb-98

J 28.24/7: V 81   The cycle of violecne revisited    


J 28.24/7: V 81/2 Understanding and

preventing violence a public health perspective


J 28.24/7: V 81/3 Parner violence among

young adults      Jun-97

J 28.24/7: Y 8/3  Assessing the exposure of

urban youth to violence Dec-96

J 28.24/7: Y 8/2  Intervening with high risk

youth preliminary findings from the children at

risk program      Jul-96

J 28.24/7: Y 8/4  Youth afterschool programs

and law enforcement     Aug-97

J 28.24/7: Y 8/996      Youth violence guns and

illicit drug markets    Jun-95

J 28.24/9: C 73   Community mapping planning and

analysis for safety strategies      Jun-00

J 28.24/9: C 86   NIJ program brief Feb-05

J 28.24/9: IN 8   National institute of justice

international center    Jan-00

J 28.24/9: SA 1   AGILE interoperability strategies

for public safety Oct-01

J 28.27: 1  Perspectives on policing  Numbers

1-17  various

J 28.30: OR 1     The orage county florida jail

educational and vocational programs no date

J 28.39: 2002     Year in review 2002     Aug-03

J 29.2: AM 3      American indians and crime   


J 29.2: D 62      Future directions for the national

archive of criminal justice data report of the

task force  Sep-95

J 29.2: D 84/3    Drugs crime and the justice system 

no date

J 29.2: D 84/3/APP      Technical appendix drugs

crime and the justice system  Aug-93

J 29.8: W 39      Guide to the bjs website     


J 29.11/10: 994-95      Changes in criminal

victimization 1994-95   Aug-97

J 29.13: AD 9     Characteristics of adults on

probation 1995    Mar-98

J 29.13: AG 3/2   Age patterns of victims of

serious violent crime   Nov-97

J 29.13: C 19     Carjackings in the united states

1992-96     Apr-99

J 29.13: C 49/2   Tort cases in large counties 


J 29.13: C 49/3   Civil jury cases and verdicts in

large counties    Nov-95

J 29.13: C 49/4   Civil rights complaints in us

district courts 1990-98 Mar-00

J 29.13: C 76     Contract cases in large counties   


J 29.13: C 86/2   Crime prevention measures    


J 29.13: C 86/6   International crime rates    


J 29.13: C 86/7   The redesigned national crime

survey selected new data      Apr-89

J 29.13: C 86/10/CORR   Effects of nibrs on crime

statistics  Feb-01

J 29.13: D 37     Juvenile delinquents in the

federal criminal justice system     Mar-97

J 29.13: D 37     Juvenile felony defendants in

criminal courts   Oct-98

J 29.13: D 83     DWI offenders under correctional

supervision Aug-99

J 29.13: D 84/5   Drug enforcement and treatment in

prisons 1990      Dec-92

J 29.13: D 84/1992      Drunk driving     Feb-93

J 29.13: D 84/4   Drug enforcement by police and

sheriffs' departments 1990    Aug-92

J 29.13: D 84/6   Drug use testing and treatment in

jails Sep-00

J 29.13: EL 2/2/992     Elderly victims   Feb-93

J 29.13: EN 8     Federal enforcement of

environmental laws 1997 Apr-00

J 29.13: F 76     Forgery and fraud related offenses

in 6 states 1983-88     Apr-92

J 29.13: H 19     Handgun crime victims   Dec-90

J 29.13: IM 6     Immigration offenses    Jan-90

J 29.13: IM 8     Intimate partner violence    


J 29.13: IN 2/CORR      Incarcerated parents and

their children    Feb-01

J 29.13: IN 5     Injuries from crime     no date

J 29.13: J 19     Women in jail 1989      Jun-92

J 29.13: J 98     Juvenile delinquents in the

federal criminal justice system     Apr-98

J 29.13: L 11     Survey of dna crime laboratories

1998  Apr-00

J 29.13: M 46     Medical problems of inmates 1997   


J 29.13: M 52     Mental health and treatment of

inmates and probationers      Nov-99

J 29.13: M 94     Murder in large urban counties

1988  Aug-93

J 29.13: M 94/2   Murder in families      Sep-94

J 29.13: N 31     Perceptions of neighborhood crime

1995  May-98

J 29.13: N 73     Noncitizens in the federal

criminal justice system 1984-94     Sep-96

J 29.13: OF 2     Federal offenders under community

supervision 1987-96     Oct-98

J 29.13: OF 2/3   Offenders returning to federal

prison 1986-97    Feb-01

J 29.13: P 75/3   Community policing in local police

departments 1997 and 1999     Jun-01

J 29.13: P 81     Population density in local jails

1988  Jan-91

J 29.13: P 92/2   Pretrial release of federal felony

defendants  Apr-94

J 29.13: P 92/3   Federal pretrial release and

detention 1996    Mar-99

J 29.13: P 93/6   Violent state prisoners and their

victims     Jan-90

J 29.13: P 93/7   HIV in us prisons and jails  


J 29.13: P 93/8   Lifetime likelihood of going to

state or federal prison May-97

J 29.13: P 93/9   Truth in sentencing in state

prisons     Apr-99

J 29.13: P 93/10  Time served in prison by

federal offenders 1986-97     no date

J 29.13: P 94/2   Prosecuting criminal enerprises    


J 29.13: P 94/3   Profile of state prisoners under

age 18, 1985-97   Apr-00

J 29.13: R 53     Robbery victims   Jun-87

J 29.13: R 53/2   Patterns of robbery and burglary

in 9 states 1984-88     Feb-93

J 29.13: SE 5/3   Federal sentencing in trasition

1986-90     Nov-92

J 29.13: SE 9     Sex differences in violent

victimization 1994      Nov-97

J 29.13: T 63     Federal tort trials and verdicts

1994-95     Feb-98

J 29.13: SU 1/2   Substance abuse and treatment

state and federal prisoners 1997    Mar-99

J 29.13: V 64     Veterans in prison or jail   


J 29.13: V 66     Black victims     Aug-90

J 29.13: V 66/2/973-95  Criminal victimization

1973-95     Aug-97

J 29.13: V 66/3   Urban suburban and rural

victimization 1993-98   Feb-01

J 29.13: V 81/4   Probation and parole violators in

state prison 1991 Oct-95

J 29.13: V 81/5   Violence against women estimates

from the redesigned survey    Nov-95

J 29.13: V 81/6   Violence related injuries treated

in hospital emergency departments   Nov-97

J 29.13: W 84/2   Women offenders   Mar-00

J 29.13: W 84/994 Women in prison   Jul-94

J 29.13: W 89     Workplace violence 1992-96   


J 29.13: Y 8      Survey of youth in custody 1987    


J 29.13/2: 989    Profile of jail inmates 1989 


J 29.13/2: 996    Profile of jail inmates 1996 


J 29.13/3: 989    Drugs and jail inmates 1989  


J 29.19: 987      BJS data report   Jan-89

J 29.19: 988      BJS data report   Jun-89

J 29.19: 989      BJS data report   Feb-91

J 29.20     Compendium of federal justice statistics 

1984-1998   various

J 32.2: J 98/16/997     Juvenile offenders and

victims 1997 update on violence     Feb-98

J 32.10: AB 9     Portable guides to investigating

child abuse an overview no date

J 32.10: AR 6     Juvenile arrests 1995   May-97

J 32.19: 5/2      Juvenile justice prevention works

on the front lines      Feb-99

J 34.2: 2001040275      Responding to terrorism

victims oklahoma city and beyond    no date

J 34.2: C 76      Report to congress december 1999   


J 34.2: D 34      Breaking the bad news with concern

for the professional and compassion for the

survivor    Jun-00

J 34.2: D 62      New directions from the field

victims' rights and services for the 21st century    


J 34.2: F 21      Family group conferencing

implications for crime victims      Sep-00

J 34.2: M 91      Multicultural imploications of

restorative justice potential pitfalls and dangers   


J 34.2: P 16      From pain to power crime victims

take action Nov-98

J 34.2: P 94      Helping outreach programs to

expand      Mar-04

J 34.2: SU 7      A large growing and invisible

population of crime victims   Mar-00

J 34.2: V 66      Information for victims and

witnesses   Sep-98

J 34.2: V 66/2    Providing services to victims of

fraud resources for victim/witness coordinators


J 34.2: V 66/3    Transforming victim services today 


J 34.2: V 66/4    For free information and technical

assistance on producing a web site for your

victims' group see inside     Feb-99

J 34.2: V 66/5    National survey of victim offender

mediation programs in the united states   Sep-00

J 34.3: 992/1     Victim programs to serve native

americans   Jun-92

J 34.3: 172811-172828   New directions from the

field victims' rights and services for the 21st

century     various

J 34.3: 172838    Working with victims of crime with

disabilities      Oct-98

J 34.3: 172877    Improving tribal/federal

prosecution of child sexual abuse cases through

agency cooperation      Oct-98

J 34.4: 82/999    Victims of crime act crime victims

fund  Oct-99

J 34.4: 148/999   Community crisis response    


J 34.4: 181/999   What is the office for victims of

crime?      May-00

J 34.4: 206 Children's justice act

partnerships for indian communities Aug-98

J 34.4: 209/999   The federal crime victims division 


J 34.4: 214 Telemarketing fraud prevention

public awareness and training activities 


J 34.4: 226 The state compensation and

assistance division     Oct-98

J 34.4: 227 Victim assistance in indian

country discretionary grant program Oct-98

J 34.4: 228 Special projects division    


J 34.4: 229 Office for victims of crime

international activities      Dec-99

J 34.4: 250 Victim assistance in indian

country training and technical assistance


J 34.8: C 79      OVC handbook for coping after

terrorism   Apr-02

J 34.8: D 44      Understanding dna evidence a guide

for victim service providers  Jul-01

J 34.8: J 98      Handbook on justice for victims    


J 34.8: R 64      Roles rights and responsibilities

a handbook for fraud victims participaing in the

federal criminal justice system     Jan-99

J 34.8: ST 2      State legislators' handbook for

statutory rape issues   May-00

J 34.8: ST 2/2    Victim oriented multidisciplinary

responses to statutory rape training guide     


J 34.8: V 66      First response to victims of crime 


J 34.10: c 73/2   International crime victim

compensation program directory      Apr-99




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