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A 13.51: Tree planters' notes various
I have 33/4-50/1--not all are there. If you need one, I will check--I am only missing a
A 13.52/2: 984 Forest insect and disease
conditions in the united states no date
A 13.63/2: B 52 Proceedings of the 1983 sourthern
forest biomass workshop Sep-84
A 13.63/2: C 75/2 Cone and seed insectsof
the mexican conifers Jan-87
A 13.63/2: EC 7 Assessing the conomic impacts of
recreation and tourism Mar-86
A 13.63/2: F 51 Prescribed fire and smoke
management in the south conference proceedings
A 13.63/2: IN 8/2 IMPAC assesses biological
potential of southern pines Feb-86
A 13.63/15: C 83 Coweeta hydrologic
laboratory Dec-84
A 13.65/2: D 46 Interpretive design Nov-87
A 13.65/2: F 76/2/988 Forestry scienes
laboratory Jan-89
A 13.65/2: R 31 Research program directory
A 13.65/12-2: 30 Air tanker performance
guide for sis q flying service dc 6 aircraft
A 13.65/12-2: 34 Air tanker performance
guide for conair tanked dc 6 b Feb-86
A 13.66/2: AN 2/2 H J Andrews experimental
forest Oct-88
A 13.66/2: EC 7/6 Pacific northwest ecoclass
codes for plant associations Mar-89
A 13.66/2: F 52/2 National forests vital as
anadromous fish habitat Sep-82
A 13.66/2: F 76/10 The forest service in the
pacific northwest Jan-85
A 13.66/2: F 76/11 Fir program reforestation
research in southwest oregon Jan-85
A 13.66/2: F 76/12/FOLDER Forest residues
A 13.66/2: H 37/3 Stem fluting of western
hemlock in southeast alaska Jul-89
A 13.66/2: IN 3/2 Indian paint fungus a
method for recognizing and reducing hazard in
advanced grand Aug-84
A 13.66/12: N 21/suppl. 11-25 Stinking lake
research natural area various
A 13.88: NE 129 Sugarbush management a guide to
maintaining tree health Apr-90
A 13.88: NE 146 Proceedings us department of
agriculture interagency gypsy moth Feb-91
A 13.88: NE 149 Users guide for the northeast
stand exam program May-91
A 13.88: NE 150 GR 1st pc program for evaluating
gang rip first board Jul-91
A 13.88: NE 151 Screening procedure to evaluate
effects of air pollution on eastern region
wildernesses cited Oct-91
A 13.88: NE 203 Forest stewardship planning guide
A 13.88: PNW 138 Influence of forest and
rangeland management on anadromous fish habitat
A 13.88: PNW 145 Wildlife habitats in
managed rangelands the great basin Apr-83
A 13.88: RM 191 Effects of fire management of
southwestern natural resources Jul-90
A 13.88: RM 218 Ecology and management of oak and
associated woodlands Jan-93
A 13.88: RM GTR 282 Conservation status of
colorado river cutthroat trout Sep-96
A 13.88: RM GTR 283 Southwestern rare and
endangered plants Oct-96
A 13.88: RM GTR 287 A classification of forest
habitat types southern arizona and portions of the
colorado plateau Dec-96
A 13.88: RM GTR 297 Micropropagation genetic
engineering and molecular biology of populous
A 13.88: RM GTR 299 Aquarius a modeling system
for river basin water allocation Nov-97
A 13.88: SE 50 Proceeding of the symposium the
forested wetlands of the southern united states
A 13.88: SE 51 Wilderness benchmark 1988
proceedings of the national wilderness colloquium
A 13.88: SE 52 Outdoor recreation benchmark 1988
proceedings of the national outdoor recreation
forum Dec-89
A 13.88: SE 56 Southern appalachian timber study
A 13.88: SE 57 Preparing atlantic coastal plain
sites for loblolly pine plantations no date
A 13.88: SE 58 Proceedings of pine hardwood
mixtures a symposium on management and ecology of
the type Oct-89
A 13.88: se 59 An evaluation of the role of ozone
acid deposition and other airborne pollutants in
the forests of eastern north america Jan-90
A 13.88: SE 61 NFDRSPC the national fire dnager
rating system on a personal computer May-90
A 13.88: SE 62 Research directions in the study
of timber markets and forest policies Jun-90
A 13.88: SE 65 Climate variability and ecosystem
response Dec-90
A 13.88: SE 66 Preparing to manage wilderness in
the 21st century Mar-91
C 3.283: EQ 2/DOC Equal employment
opportunity file on cd rom Jan-93
C 3.283: EQ 2/3/DOC Equal employment
opportunity file on cd rom Oct-93


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