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SuDoc Number Title Date Received
A 1.76: 665 Compilation of statues relating to
the agricultural marketing service and closely
related activities Jun-87
A 1.76: 674/v.4 Seedling nutrition and irrigation
no date
A 1.76: 674/V.5 The biological component nursery
pests and mycorrhizae May-90
A 1.76: 674/v.6 Seedling propagation Nov-99
A 1.76: 676 Silvicultural strategies to reduce
stand nad forest susceptibility to the western
spruce budworm no date
A 1.76: 680 Forest nursery pests Dec-89
A 1.76: 685/v.5 Pesticide background statements no
A 1.76: 690 Diagnosis of honey bee diseases
A 1.76: 691 Armillaria root disease May-91
A 1.76: 693 Principles of insect parasitism
analyzed from new perspectives Oct-92
A 1.76: 695 Pine spittlebug its ecology and
management Nov-91
A 1.76: 700/997 Agricultural export transportation
handbook Aug-98
A 1.76: 704 Rehabilitation of wood frame
houses Apr-98
A 1.76: 706 Guilde to insect borers in north
american broadleaf trees and shrubs May-04
A 1.76: 709 Dwarf mistletoes biology
A 1.76: 710 Forest production for tropical
america Mar-98
A 1.76: 710S Produccion forestal para america
tropical Aug-01
A 1.76: 726 Aerial applicators spray nozzle
handbook Nov-04
A 1.76/2: 983 Handbook of agricultural charts
A 1.76/2: 988 1988 agricultural chartbook
A 1.76/2: 989 1989 Agricultural chartbook
A 1.76/2: 990 1990 Agricultural chartbook no
A 1.77: H6-245 Managing your personal finances
A 1.77: H6-245-1 The principles of managing
your finances Apr-87
A 13.2: M 91/2 The rise of multiple use
management in the intermoutnain west May-88
A 13.2: M 91/3 Multiple use Jul-89
A 13.2: N 21/25 Naturalist notes Apr-81
A 13.2: N 21/26 National forests in nevada
A 13.2: N 21/27 National forests in utah
A 13.2: N 21/28 National forests in idaho
A 13.2: N 81/5 The northern regional plan no
A 13.2: P 19/2/981 Making paper from trees
A 13.2: P 25 Request for participation #2 no
A 13.2: P 26 Shadows of our past Mar-88
A 13.2: P 42 Determination of hydrogen peroxide
production in coriolus versicolor and poria
placenta during wood degradation Aug-86
A 13.2: P 43/5 Pesticide use in forest management
A 13.2: P 43/6 Controlling pests when where and
how the usda forest service uses pesticides
A 13.2: P-65/13/981-85 An action plan Feb-81
A 13.2: P 68 Vestured pits in the tribe
cassieae bronn Feb-86
A 13.2: P 69/9 Plant a tree for your special
occasion Aug-81
A 13.2: P 69/11 Plant associations of the central
oregon pumice zone Dec-85
A 13.2: P 69/15 Principal indicator species of
forested plant associations on national forests
A 13.2: P 77/4 A survey procedure to inventory
ponderosa and lodgepole pine mortality caused by
the mountain pine beetle Jul-85
A 13.2: P 93/3 Priest river experimental forest
A 13.2: P 93/4/SPANISH La iniciativa privada
forestal para el desarrollo Jun-89
A 13.2: P 94/9/ NOS 3-7 Protecing the forest fire
management in the pacific northwest various
A 13.2: P 94/8 Increasing productivity of
multipurpose tree species a blueprint for action
A 13.2: P 94/10 Protecing the forest fire
management in the pacific northwest Aug-86
A 13.2: P 94/12 Profile 1989 Sep-89
A 13.2: R 24/28/986 Recreation sites in
southwestern national forests Apr-87
A 13.2: R 24/31 Recreational opportunities on the
apache sitgreaves national forests Apr-81
A 13.2: R 24/33 Re=cockaded woodpeckers of the
apalachicola national forest Feb-88
A 13.2: R 25/4 Outdoor testin gof reflective sign
materials Dec-85
A 13.2: R 31/19/980 A recommended renewable
resources program Jan-82
A 13.2: R 31/21 An enduring resource of wilderness
A 13.2: R 47 Rio chama a wild and scenic river
A 13.2: R 48/2 Riparian community type
clasification of eastern idaho western wyoming
A 13.2: R 48/3 Riparian zone associations
deschutes ochoco fremong Dec-87
A 13.2: R 53/10 Getting around on national forest
roads Sep-84
A 13.2: R 53/11 National forest roads for all uses
A 13.2: R 53/12 Roads in the national forests
A 13.2: R 59/4 Rocky mountain forest and range
experiment station Jan-83
A 13.2: R 63/2/V.1 History of the rogue river
national forest Feb-86
A 13.2: R 67 Root disease caused losses in the
commerical coniferous forests of the western
united states May-84
A 13.2: R 67/2 Root diseases in oregon and
washington conifers Jan-87
A 13.2: SA 1/3 Sage hill group recreation area
A 13.2: SA 5 F/ SUPP Management area map
supplement santa fe national forest plan
A 13.2: SA 7/7 Mammals of the superior Jan-82
A 13.2: SA 9/6 Backpacking Nov-84
A 13.2: SA 9/8 Sawtooth heritage Nov-84
A 13.2: SA 9/10 Visual management system
A 13.2: SCI 2 Forestry sciences laboratory
A 13.2: SE 5/2 SEM xray microanalysis of tracheid
cell walls in southern yellow pine sapwood treated
with water Apr-86
A 13.2: SH 2/4 Fish and wildlife habitat
management on the shawnee national forest
A 13.2: SH 4/4 Your fire shelter Aug-86
A 13.36/2: R 18 Arizone rare plant field guide
HE 20.3008: H 53 How not to get high get
stupid get aids a guide to partying Sep-94
I 49.77/3: 996 Report to congress on the recovery
program for threatened and endangered species


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