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D 1.2:P 25/2 Dept. of Defense strategic plan, partners in flight
D 1.6/2:Se 2/2/992 Physical security of sensitive conventional arms, ammunition, and explosives
D 103.116:Nov. 2003 Monthly bulletin of lake levels for the Great Lakes (Nov. 2003)
D 114.2:Ab 8 Abraham Baldwin
D 114.2:Al 2 Alexander Hamilton
D 114.2:B 72/2 Omar Nelson Bradley : the centennial
D 114.2:C 38 Charles Pinckney
D 114.2:C 38/2 Charles Cotesworth Pinckney
D 114.2:Ei 8 Dwight David Eisenhower
D 114.2:Ei 8/2 Dwight D. Eisenhower national security conference compendium (2002, 2003, 2005)
D 114.2:G 29 George Washington
D 114.2:G 74 Gouveneur Morris
D 114.2:H 87 Hugh Williamson
D 114.2:P 11 Reorganizing for pacification support
D 114.2:P 84/2 The post at San Antonio 1845-1879
D 114.2:P 92 The presidents
D 114.2:P 94/2 The US Army chief of staff’s professional reading list
D 114.2:R 43 The staff ride
D 114.2:R 83/3 Rufus King
D 114.2:Se 6/4 Centuries of service : the US Army 1775-2004
D 114.2:So 4/5 Soldiers are our credentials
D 114.2:Su 5 Gordon R. Sullivan : the collected works 1991-1995
D 114.2:T 36 Thomas Fitzsimons
D 114.2:T 36/2 Thomas Mifflin
D 114.2:W 67/2 William Few
D 114.2:W 67/3 William Livingston
D 114.2:W 67/4 William Jackson
D 114.10: Publications of the US Army Center of Military History (1997)
D 114.14:9/pt.2 Special bibliography : the US Army and the Spanish-American War era, 1895- 1910, pt. 2
D 114.14:10 Special bibliography : Pennsylvania military history
D 114.14:11 Special bibliography : the era of the Civil War, 1820-1876 (1974 ed., 1982 ed.)
D 114.14:16/v.1 Special bibliography : the era of World War II
D 114.14:16/v.2 Special bibliography : the war in the Pacific
D 114.14:16/v.3 Special bibliography : World War II, the eastern and Balkan fronts, the Axis forces in Europe
D 114.14:16/v.4 Special bibliography : the era of World War II, Mediterranean and western European theaters of operation
D 114.14:18 Special bibliography : God save the Queen : a bibliography of the British and Commonwealth holdings
D 114.20:9 The army historian (no. 9, Fall 1985)
D 207.10/2:Ir 6 The iron guns of Willard Park
D 207:10/2:W 65 Autobiography of Rear Admiral Charles Wilkes, U.S. Navy 1798-1877
D 208.102:181 The United States Naval Academy : a sketch containing the history, entrance requirements, curriculum, athletics, and other factual information
D 208.202:F 86/990 Fundamentals of force planning (v. 1, 2)
D 208.202:He Soviet naval theory and policy
D 208.202:St 8/2 SDI : a policy analysis
D 208.202:St 8/000 Strategy and force planning, 3rd ed.
D 208.210:9 The influence of history on Mahan
D 213:10:17/pt.2 Total eclipse of the sun June 30 1954
D 214.13:M 86 The other side of the mountain : Mujahideen tactics in the Soviet-Afghan war
D 214.13:P 96/988 Marine Corps historical publications catalog
D 221.8:P 69 Navy RDT&E planning in an age of transition
D 221.8:T 22 The relationship of science and technology : a bibliographic guide
D 301.78:984 Military planning in the 20th century, proceedings of the 11th military history symposium USAF Academy
D 301.82:T 57 The high road to Tokyo Bay
D 301.82/3:C 27 General Duane H. Cassidy : an oral history
D 301.82/6:Sci 2 Harnessing the genie : science and technology forecasting for the Air Force 1944-1986
FS 2.109:41 Life tables for 1949-51
N 11.5:918/Supp. Total eclipse of the sun June 8, 1918
W 3.2:G 28 General orders and circulars, Adjutant General’s Office, 1899
W 3.16:1:F 45 P Field service pocket book, United States Army (1917)
W 107.2:W 19 A graphic history of the war till May 10, 1942

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