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C 1.2:Or3
Organiztions and law of the Department of commerce and labor. 1904

C 1.2:L11
Labo conference…1909

C 6.2:AL 1/
Fur-seal fisheries of Alaska in...1909, 1910

C 8.5: 11
Regulation and restriciton of output.1983.

C 8.5:12
Coal mine labor in Europe. 1905

D 301.45/19-2:700
Air Force scientific research bibliography
v.1 1950-56, v.2 1957-58, v3 1959 , v.41960, v.5 1961, v.6. 1962, v.7 1963-64, v.7 1965

L 1.1
Bureau of labor, annual report
1886-1903, 1913-1920 separate volumes

LA 1.5:2
Labor laws of the various states, territories, and the District of Columbia. 1892

LA 1.5:3
Analysis and index of all reports issued by bureaus of labor statistics in the U.S. Prior to November 1, 1892. 1893

LA 1.5:6
The phosphate industry of the U.S. 1893

LA 1.5:9
The Italians in Chicago. 1897

LA 1.8:5
The Gothenburg system of liquor traffic. 1893

LC 2.2:N42z/942
New Zealand: a selected list of references. 1900-1983

LC 33.2:C44/2
Journals in science and technology published in Japan and mainland China. A selected list. 1961

LC 33.2:C44/962
Chinese scientific and technical serial publications in the collections of the Library of Congress. 1961

LC 33.2:J27
Japanese scientific and technical serial publications in the collections of the Library of Congress. 1962

LC 33.2:R92
List of Russian serials being translated into English and other Western languages. 1960

LC 33.2:SCI2/2
A list of scientific and technical serials currently received by the Library of Congress. 1960

LC 33.2:Sci2/950-53
Scientific and technical serial publications: United States 1950-53. 1954

LC 33.2:SO8/2
Scientific and technical serial publications of the Soviet Union, 1945-1960. 1963

Si 1.43
Smithsonian folklife studies
nos.2, 4, 5, 6

Si 2.3:961
List of publications of the Bureau of American Ethnology : with index to authors and titles. 1961

Si 3.13
SEAN (Scientific Event Alert Network)
Sept 1986-August 1988 incomplete

SSA 1.10/2
Management aids for small manufacturers
no.4-8 single bound volume

T 1.10: F76/
Foreign assets control, regulations and related documents.
1954, 1964, supplement March 1967

T 1.16:P83
Report on the currency question of Porto Rico...1899

T 1.2: G 28/2
General revenu sharing; the President's message, the proposed law, the State and local share, the formula. 1971

T 12.1
Comptroller of the currenty, annual report
1902-1961 single volumes

T 17.6/4:
Customs laboratory bulletin
v..1-4 (1989-1992)

T 22.22:N
Bulletin "N"
1936, 1940

T 22.35/4
SOI bulletin v.1/no.4,
v.3/no.2,3, (seperates) v. 4-24 bound by volume, v.25/no.2 seperate

Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, transmitting a report upon the mineral resources of the sates…1867

T 63.113
Combined statement of receipts, expenditures, and balances of the United States.
1939-1966, 1968-1972 single volumes

Y 1.1/7
Seal islands of Alaska. 1911 62d cong, 1st sess, H.doc 93

Y 3.AT7:10/13
Release list of declassified and unclassified documents/
Separates v.1/ no.5-11, v.2/ 1, 3-4,6, 9,
v. 3/4-11

Y 3.At7:2At
Selected bibliography on atomic energy. 1948

Y 3.At7:53
Nuclear theory reference book for …yr
1957/58, 1959/60, 1961/62 separates

Y 3.In8/7:G76/2
Summaries of survey reports on the administrative and fiscal iimpact of Federal grants-in-aid: 1955

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