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List 114


HE 20.6218:10-13
Statistical Notes for Health Planners…1979-1981

HE 20.62223:990/rep.
Reprint From Health United States 1990…1991

HE 20.6502:AC 7/3
AHCPR Hospital Studies Program…1990

HE 20.6502:AG 3
Medical Care Use by a Group of Fully Insured

HE 20.6502:C 17
Determinants of Capital Acquistion by Nonprofit

HE 20.6502:C 41
Checkup on Health Insurance Choices…1992

HE 20.6502:C 43
Care of Children with Psychiatric Disorders at Community Hospitals…1988

HE 20.6502: 43/2
Insuring the Children: A Decade of Change…1991

HE 20.6502:C 45
Choosing and Using a Health Plan…1997

HE 20.6502:C 61
Understanding and Choosing Clinical Performance Measures for Quality Improvement: Development of a Typology…1995

HE 20.6502:C 61/ATTACH
Understanding and Choosing Clinical Performance Measures for Quality Improvement: Development of a Typology…1995

HE 20.6502:C 65
Cognitive Impairment and Disruptive Behaviors Among Community-Based Elderly Persons:
Implications for Targeting Long-Term Care…1991

HE 20.6502:C 86
Clinical Effectiveness in Allied Health

HE 20.6502:D 54
Small Area Variations in Hospitalized Case Mix for DRGs in Maine, Massachusetts and Iowa…1985

HE 20.6502:EL 2/2
The Elderly Population with Chronic Functional
Disability: Implications for Home Care

HE 20.6502:EM 7/2
Employers and Medicare as Partners in Financing Health Care for the Elderly….1987

HE 20.6502:EX 8/2
NCHSR Extramural Research…1987

HE 20.6502:G 28
Generic Drug Laws: A Decade of Trial – A Prescription for Progress…1986

HE 20.6502:G 29
Using Geographic Methods to Understand Health

HE 20.6502:G 76/5
Effective Dissemination of Health and Clinical Information and Research Findings…1992

HE 20.6502:H 34/4
Time to Pick a Health Plan…1997

HE 20.6502:H 79/3/980-86
Patterns of Hospital Utilization Among
Privately Insured Patients, 1980-1986…1991

HE 20.6502:H 79/4
Case-Mix Specialization in the Market for Hospital Services…1991

HE 20.6502:IN 3/SUM
Effective Dissemination of Clinical and Health

HE 20.6502:IN 7/4
Health Insurance Coverage in the U.S….1989

HE 20.6502:IN 7/5
State Inpatient Database (SID)…1999

HE 20.6502:IN 8/4/989
NCHSR Invites You to Join us…1989

HE 20.6502:K 73
Final Report: Patient Outcomes Research Team, Total Knee Replacement…1997

HE 20.6502:M 31/2
Assessing Roles, Responsibilities, and
Activities in a Managed Care Environment…1996

HE 20.6502:M 33
Marital Status, Living Arrangements,  and the Use of Health Services by Elderly Persons…1987

HE 20.6502:M 46/7/Breast
Breast Cancer Discussion Papers…1997
HE 20.6502:M 46/7/DIABET.
Diabetes Discussion Papers…1996

HE 20.6502:M 46/7/Disord.
Major Depressive Disorder: Discussion Papers…

HE 20.6502:M 46/7/HEALTH
Health Risk Behaviors Discussion Papers…1996

HE 20.6502:M 46/7/PAIN
Low Back Pain Discussion Papers…1996

HE 20.6502:M 46/8
Research #9 Findings…1999

HE 20.6502:M 46/13 [duplicate]
Your Medicine: Be Smart. Be Safe…2011

HE 20.6502:N 93/2
Nursing Shortage in the Hospital Sector, 1982-

HE 20.6502:N 93/3
Nursing Home Reform and the Mentally Ill…1991

HE 20.6502:P 27/3
Three Minutes of Your Time. A Lifetime of Difference for Your Patient…1997

HE 20.6502:P 56/3
Physicians, Nurses, and AIDS: Findings from a National Study…1995

HE 20.6502:P 69/SPAN
Eleccion y Uso de un Plan de Salud…1997

HE 20.6502:P 94/7
Regulating Health Professionals: A Review of the Empirical Literature…1985

HE 20.6502:P 96
Reducing Public Expenditures for Physician
Services: The Price of Paying Less…1985

HE 20.6502:R 31/3
Primary Care Research: An Agenda for the 90s…

HE 20.6502:R 31/4
Second Annual Primary Care Research Conference Theory and Methods…1990

HE 20.6502:R 31/5
Report to Congress: The Feasibility of Linking Research-Related Data Bases to Federal and Non- Federal Medical Administrative Data Bases…1991

HE 20.6502:R 88
Rural Health Care Research: Impacting
Vulnerable Populations…1991
HE 20.6502:R 88/2
Delivering Essential Health Care Services in Rural Areas: An Analysis of Alternatives

HE 20.6502:SCI 2
State of the Scene Science Education in the

HE 20.6502:SP 6
Spouses and Children of Disabled Elders: How Large a Constituency for Long-Term Care

 HE 20.6502:ST 2
Revie and Analysis of State Legislation and Reimbursement Practices of Physician’s Assistants and Nurse Practicioners…1978

HE 20.6502:UT 2
Common Uterine Conditions…1997

HE 20.6502:W 89
Mandating Health Coverage for Working

HE 20.6502:W 89
Be Informed: Questions to Ask Your Doctor before You Have Surgery…1995

HE 20.7002:AC 7
What You Should Know About AIDS…1987

HE 20.7002:AC 7/2
Understanding AIDS…1988

HE 20.7002:AC 7/3
Caring for Someone with AIDS…1990

HE 20.7002:AC 7/4
How You Won’t Get AIDS…1991

HE 20.7002:AC 7/5
AIDS And You…1991

HE 20.7002:AD 9
An Introduction to Adult Immunization in the U.S. Centers for Disease Control Atlanta, Georgia 1986…1986

HE 20.7002:AD 9/2
Immunization of Adults: A Call to Action…1986

HE 20.7002:AS 7

HE 20.7002:B 61
Fundamental Diagnostic Hematology…1992

HE 20.7002:C 43/2
Strategic Plan for the Elimination of Childhood Lead Poisoning…1991

HE 20.7002:C 46/2/sum.
1986 Prevent Chronic Diseases…1987

HE 20.7002:D 41
Dengue and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever…1986

HE 20.7002:D 41/2
Dengue and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever…1986

HE 20.7002:D 41/2/Spanish
Dengue Y Dengue Hemorragico…1987

HE 20.7002:D 41/3
Dengue and Dengue Hemorrhagic…1986

HE 20.7002:D 41/3/Span.
Dengue and Dengue Hemorrhagic…1986

HE 20.7002:D 45/3/988
Descriptive Statistics…1988

HE 20.7002:D 54/5
If You Have Diabetes, A Flue Shot Could Save Your Life…1998

HE 20.7002:D 63
Food-Borne Disease Investigation: Analysis of Field Data…1985

HE 20.7002:D 63/3
The Public Health Consequences of Disasters

HE 20.7002:D 84
Drugs in Traveler’ Kit…1986

HE 20.7002:EM 3
Emergency Room Procedures in Chemical hazard

HE 20.7002:EP 4/8
EPI Info Version 5…1991

HE 20.7002:F 33
Fellowships and Guest Researchers…1985

HE 20.7002:H 88/2
Self-Study Course 3031-G Reading and
Interpreting the HIV-1 Western Blot Test…1990

HE 20.7002:IN 3/5
Infant Screening Quality Assurance Program…1990

HE 20.7002:IN 8/5
ICD-9-Cm Coordination and Maintenance

HE 20.7002:L 46/985
Preventing Lead Poisoning in Young Children…

HE 20.7002:L 52/4
Hospital-Laboratory Diagnosis of Legionella

HE 20.7002:L 52/4
Head Lice…1975

HE 20.7002:M 46/9
Serologic Response Following Measles

HE 20.7002:M 99
Participants. Centers for Disease Control…1985

HE 20.7002:P 92/2
Report to Congress: Preventative Health and Health Services Block Grant…1991

HE 20.7002:SM 7/12
Smoking Cessation in Pregnancy…1994

HE 20.7002:ST 8/3
The National Strategic Plan for the Early Detection and Control of Breast and Cervical

HE 20.7002:ST 8/4
Know Stroke, Know the Signs, Act in Time…2004

HE 20.7002:SU 7
SGR 4 Kids: The Real Deal about Tobacco…1994

HE 20.7002:T 22/4
NIH/ADAMHA/CDC Technology Transfer…1992

HE 20.7002:T 55/2
Smoking Tobacco & Health…1987

HE 20.7002:T 79/8
Collaborative Review of Sterilization (Crest) Tubal Sterilization…1985

HE 20.7002:T 79/8/cont.
Collaborative Review of Sterilization (Crest) Tubal Sterilization…1985

HE 20.7002:T 79/9/Spanish
Lo Que Los Centros para el Tratmiento contra la Adiccion Puenden Hacer para Prevenir la

HE 20.7002:W 41/EXEC. SUM.
Executive Summary: Report to Congress on Out- of-Wedlock Childbearing…1995 HE 20.7009/2-3:988-90 Surveillance Summaries from the Center for Infectious Diseases…1991

HE 20.7009/a:AC 7/2/982-87
Recommendations and Guidelines…1987

HE 20.7009/a: AC 7/2/982-87/2
Recommendations and Guidelines…1988

HE 20.7009/a:AC 7/5
Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) among Blacks and Hispanics – United States…1986

HE 20.7009/a:D 62
Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis: Guidelines for Vaccine Prophylaxis and Other Preventive

HE 20.7009/a:H 12
AIDS: Information for Dental Professionals…1986

HE 20.7009/a: H 41
Hepatitus B Information for Dental

HE 20.7009/a:H 88
Recommendations for Assisting in the Prevention of Perinatal Transmission of Human T- Lymphotropic Virus Type III…1986

HE 20.7009/a:H 88/4
Infection Control: Information for Dental

HE 20.7009/a:H 88/5
Human T-Lynphotropic Virus Type III…1986

HE 20.7009/a:H 88/6
Human T-Lymphototropic Virus Type III…1986

HE 20.7009/a:H 88/7
Public Health Service Guidelines for Counseling and Antibody Testing to Prevent HIV Infection and AIDS…1987

HE 20.7009/a:H 88/8
Recommendations for Prevention of HIV
Transmission in Health-Care Settings…1987

HE 20.7009/a:H 88/9
Immunization of Children Infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus…1988

HE 20.7009/a:H 88/10
Quarterly Report to the Domestic Policy Council on the Prevalence and Rate of Spread of HIV and AIDS in the United States…1988

HE 20.7009/a:H 88/11
Update: Universal Precautions for Prevention of Transmission of Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Hepatitus B Virus, and Other Bloodborne Pathogens in Health-Care Settings…1988

HE 20.7009/a:HU 88/2
Summary: Recommendations for Preventing Transmission of Infection with Human T- Lymphotropic Virus Type III…1985

HE 20.7009/a:IM 6/4
Recommendations of the Immunization Practices Advisory Committee…1986

HE 20.7009/a:IM 6/5
Prevention and Control of Influenza…1986

HE 20.7009/a:IN 3/2
Influenza – United States, 1985-1986 Season…

HE 20.7009/a:IM 3/3
Reports from the Center for Infectious

HE 20.7009/a:In 5
CDC Reports on Injury Control…1985

HE 20.7009/a:M 52
Meningococcal Vaccines…1986

HE 20.7009/a:P 74
Update: Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine Usage – United States…1986

HE 20.7009/a:P 76
Polysaccharide Vaccine for Prevention of Haemophilus Influenzae Type b Disease…1985

HE 20.7009/a:T 79
Tuberculosis and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome – Florida…1988

HE 20.7009/a:V 81/2
Recommendations for Protection Against Viral

HE 20.7009/a:W 89/2
Prevention of Leading Work-Related Diseases and

HE 20.7009/a:W 89/2/987
Prevention of Leading Work-Related Diseases and

HE 20.7038:987
Facts about AIDS…1987

HE 20.7038/2:1-2
CDC HIV/AIDS Prevention…1991

HE 20.7038/2:2/1-3
CDC HIV/AIDS Prevention…1991
HE 20.7038/2:3/1, 3-4
CDC HIV/AIDS Prevention…1992

HE 20.7038/2:991/spec..rpt.
CDC HIV/AIDS Prevention…1991

HE 20.7038/2:991/spec.
CDC HIV/AIDS Prevention…1991

HE 20.7102:AG 8/2
NIOSH Agriculture…1997

HE 20.7102:As ½
Control of Asbestos Exposure during Brake Drum

HE 20.7102:B 12/2
Back Belts: Do They Prevent Injury…1994

HE 20.7102:C 16
NIOSH Proposed National Strategies for the Prevention of Leading Work – Related Diseases and Injuries…1986

HE 20.7102:C 17/3
NIOSH Proposed National Strategies for the Prevention of Leading Work – Related Diseases and Injuries…1986

HE 20.7102:C 22
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Selected References…1989

HE 20.7102:C 28
NIOSH Catalog of Courses…1987

HE 20.7102:C 62
Federal Research on Chemical Protective Clothing & Equipment…1989

HE 20.7102:C 76/2
NIOSH Protect Your Family Reduce Contamination at Home…1997

HE 20.7102:C 82/2
Occupational Exposure to Cotton Dust…1986

HE 20.7102:D 44
NIOSH Proposed national Strategies for the Prevention of Leading Work – Related Diseases and Injuries…1988

HE 20.7102:D 94
NIOSH Hazard Controls…1996

HE 20.7102:EL 2/3
Elements of Ergonomics Programs…1997

HE 20.7102:EP 4/2
Occupational Epidemics of the 1990’s…1990

HE 20.7102:ET 3/2
Control Technology for Ethylene Oxide
Sterilization in Hospitals…1989

HE 20.7102:F 82/4
NIOSH Recommendations for Control of
Occupational Safety and Health Hazards…1985

HE 20.7102:G 21
Sampling and Analysis of Gases and Vapors…1991

HE 20.7102:G 76/3
Health Hazards of Storing, Handling, and Shipping Grain…1988

HE 20.7102:H 75
Homocide in U.S. Workplaces: A Strategy for Prevention and Research…1992

HE 20.7102:H 19/3
Working in Hot Environments…1986

HE 20.7102:IN 2/8
The Neurotoxicity of Industrial Solvents: A Review of the Literature…1985

HE 20.7102:IN 2/12
Indoor Air Quality Selected References…1989

HE 20.7102:IN 2/12/989
Indoor Air Quality Selected References…1990

HE 20.7102:L 97/2
NIOSH Proposed National Strategies for the Prevention of Leading Work – Related Diseases and Injuries…1986

HE 20.7102:M 29
The Effects of Workplace Hazards on Male Reproductive Health…1996

HE 20.7102:M 56/4
Questions and Answers: Methylene Chloride Control in Furniture Stripping…1997

HE 20.7102:M 85
Performing Motor and Sensory Neuronal
Conductions Studies in Adult Humans…1990

HE 20.7102:M 97
NIOSH Proposed National Strategies for the Prevention of Leading Work – Related Diseases and Injuries…1986

HE 20.7102:N 39
NIOSH Proposed National Strategies for the Prevention of Leading Work – Related Diseases and Injuries…1989


List 115

HE 20.7102:N 63
NIOSH Hazard Controls…1996

HE 20.7102:N 69/4
NIOSH Proposed National Strategies for the Prevention of Leading Work – Related Disease and Injuries…1988

HE 20.7102:N 75
NEG and NIOSH basis for an occupational health
standard: Propylene Glycol Ethers and Their

HE 20.7102:OC 1/8
Occupational Diseases NIOSH Instructional

HE 20.7102:OC 1/9
NIOH and NIOSH basis for an occupational health
standard: Chlorobenzene…1993

HE 20.7102:OC 1/10/999
National Occupational Research Agenda Update…

HE 20.7102:OC 1/11
NIOSH: What You Need to Know about Occupational Exposure to Metalworking Fluids…1998

HE 20.7102:P 16/2
NIOSH Hazard Controls…1996

HE 20.7102:P 95
NIOSH Proposed National Strategies for the Prevention of Leading Work – Related Diseases and Injuries…1989

HE 20.7102:R 11/3
Ionizing Radiation…1988

HE 20.7102:R 26
RTECS: Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical

HE 20.7102:R 29/2
NIOSH Proposed National Strategies for the Prevention of Leading Work – Related Diseases and Injuries…1989

HE 20.7102:R 31/4
NIOSH Respirator Decision Logic…1987

HE 20.7102:R 31/5
Occupational Respiratory Protection…1981

HE 20.7102:ST 8/3
Stress Management in Work Settings…1987

 HE 20.7102:ST 8/4
Stress at Work…1999
HE 20.7102:T 66/3
RTECS: Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical

HE 20.7102:T 69
National Traumatic Occupational Fatalities:

HE 20.7102:T 69/2
NIOSH Proposed National Strategies for the Prevention of Leading Work – Related Diseases and Injuries…1989

HE 20.7102:T 69/3
A Directory of Agencies Involved in the Study of Occupational Trauma in Alaska…1992

HE 20.7102:W 89/10
NIOSH-DOD-OSHA Sponsored Chemical and
Biological Respiratory Protection Workshop

HE 20.7108:AN 1/994/A-Z
NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods…1994

HE 20.7108:C 42/4
A Guide for Evaluating the Performance of Chemical Protective Clothing…1990

HE 20.7108:C 76/2
A Guide to Safety in…Confined Spaces…1987

HE 20.7108:EQ 2
Supervisors/Managers Equal Employment
Opportunity Handbook…1991

HE 20.7108:H 33
NIOSH/OSHA/USCG/EPA: Occupational Safety and Health Guidance Manual for Hazardous Waste Site

HE 20.7108:H 35
A Practical Guide to Effective hearing
conservation programs in the workplace…1990

HE 20.7108:H 79/pt.1
Engineering Control Guidelines for Hot Mix Asphalt Pavers…1997

HE 20.7108:H 88
Guidelines for Prevention of Transmission of Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Hepatitis B Virus to Health-Care and Public-Safety Workers…

HE 20.7108:OC 1/3
A Guide for the Management, Analysis, and Interpretation of Occupational Mortality Data…

HE 20.7108:P 94
Guidelines for Protecting the Safety and Health of Health Care Workers…1988

HE 20.7108:P 96
NIOSH Pundit User’s Guide for Searching NIOSh
HE 20.7108:R 31/987
Guide to Industrial Respiratory Protection…1987

HE 20.7108:R 31/5
NIOSh Recommended Guidelines for Personal Respiratory Protection of Workers in Health- Care Facilities Potentially Exposed to

HE 20.7108:SU 7/2/v.1, 2
National Occupational Exposure Survey…1988

HE 20.7108:T 67

HE 20.7110:H 19
NIOSH Criteria for a Recommended Standard, Occupational Exposure to Hand-Arm Vibration…

HE 20.7110:H 79
Criteria for a Recommended Standard:
Occupational Exposure to Hot Environments…1986

HE 20.7110:SP 1
NIOSH Criteria for a Recommended Standard:
Working in Confined Spaces…1990

HE 20.7111/2:L 62
Work Practices Guide for Manual Lifting…1986

HE 20.7113:C 43
Child Labor Research Needs Recommendations from the NIOSH Child Labor Working Team…1997

HE 20.7114:H 33/2
Hazardous Waste Bibliography…1987

HE 20.7125/2:90-048-2253
Health Hazard Evaluation Report…1990

HE 20.7125/2:90-287-2250
Health Hazard Evaluation Report…1990

HE 20.7125/2:91-026-2257
Health Hazard Evaluation Report…1990

HE 20.7125/2:91-209-2249
Health Hazard Evaluation Report…1990

HE 20.7125/2:91-261-2245
Health Hazard Evaluation Report…1990

HE 20.7125/2:91-378-2242
Health Hazard Evaluation Report…1990

HE 20.7125/2:92-108-2247
Health Hazard Evaluation Report…1990
HE 20.7125/2:92-165-2251
Health Hazard Evaluation Report…1990

HE 20.7125/2:92-171-2255
Health Hazard Evaluation Report…1990

HE 20.7125/2:92-180-2246
Health Hazard Evaluation Report…1990

HE 20.7125/2:92/182-2254
Health Hazard Evaluation Report…1990

HE 20.7302:H 41
Preventing the Transmission of Hepatitis B, AIDS, and Herpes in Dentistry…1986

HE 20.7302:IM 6/984
19th Immunization Conference Proceedings…1984

HE 20.7302:Im 6/985
20th Immunization Conference Proceedings…1985

HE 20.7302:IN 3
Infection Control File…1990

HE 20.7302:L 46/2/991
Preventing Lead Poisoning in Young Children…

HE 20.7302:M 46/2
Major Impediments to Measles Elimination…1985

HE 20.7302:N 73/986
Registered Importers of  Nonhuman Primates for Scientific, Educational, and Exhibition

HE 20.7302:P 43/4
Questions and Answers about Pertussis Disease and Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis (DTP)

HE 20.7302:T 79
Tuberculosis: The Connection between TB and HIV (the AIDS virus)…1991

HE 20.7302:T 79/2/991
Core Curriculum on Tuberculosis…1992

HE 20.7302:V 13
Vaccine Management: Recommendations for Handling and Storage of Selected Biologicals…

HE 20.7302:V 13/2
Pre-Course Materials: Epidemiology, Prevention, and Control of Vaccine-Preventable Disease…1993

HE 20.7302:W 29
Water Fluoridation: Nature’s Way to Prevent Tooth Decay…1985 HE 20.7308:P 96 Public Health Screening at U.S. Ports of Entry…

HE 20.7309:132
Sexually Transmitted Disease Statistical Letter

HE 20.7309:134
Sexually Transmitted Disease Statistics 1984…

HE 20.7602:SM 7
Smoking Tobacco & Health…1987

HE 20.7608:C 73
Planned Approach to Community Health…1991

HE 20.7608:M 31/v.1, 2
Managing Hazardous Materials Incidents…1992

 HE 20.7908
Managing Hazardous Materials Incidents…1994

HE 20.7917:5, 15
TSDR Case Studies in Environmental Medicine… 1990, 1991

HE 20.8002:AL 1/4
ADAMHA Handicapped Employees Advisory

HE 20.8002:AL 1/7
Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health
Administration: The First Fifteen Years…1989

HE 20.8002:AL 1/8
Alcohol Research: Promise for the Decade…1990

HE 20.8002:AL 1/9
Signs of Effectiveness…1993

HE 20.8002:AL 1/10
Signs of Effectiveness II…1994

HE 20.8002:AM 3/2/991
What You Can Do About Drug Use in America…1991

HE 20.8002:AM 3/3
Alcohol Practices, Policies, and Potentials of American Colleges and Universities: A White

HE 20.8002:AN 5
Animals and Science…1991

HE 20.8002:AN 5/2
Animal Research: The Search for Life-Saving

HE 20.8002:B 11
Taking care of your baby before birth…1987

HE 20.8002:B 11/Spanish
El cuidado antes del nacimiento…1987

HE 20.8002:B 11/2
For a Strong & Healthy Baby…1992

HE 20.8002:C 43
Child Mental Health in the 1990s…1993

HE 20.8002:C 58/990
The National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug

HE 20.8002:C 73/991
Turning Awareness Into Action…1991

HE 20.8002:C 84
Crack Down on Drugs Coloring Book…1989

HE 20.8002:C 86
Criminal Justice Treatment Planning Chart…1994

HE 20.8002:D 44
D/ART Diagnosis and Treatment of Clinical
Depression: A Review of Current Knowledge…1986

HE 20.8002:D 63
Disaster Work and Mental Health: Prevention and Control of Stress Among Workers…1985

HE 20.8002:D 84
Quick List: Ten Steps to a Drug-Free Future…

HE 20.8002:D 84/2
How to Succeed in Siting a Drug Abuse Treatment

HE 20.8002:D 84/3
20 Qs & As about Drug Abuse Treatment…1992

HE 20.8002:H 78
Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health…1984

HE 20.8002:J 98
Juvenile Justice Treatment Planning Chart…1994

HE 20.8002:J 98/exec. sum.
Juvenile Offenders with Serious Drug, Alcohol, and Mental Health Problems: Executive Summary…

HE 20.8002:K 76
Knowledge Transfer Roundtable…1986

HE 20.8002:M 17
McGruff’s Surprise Party…1989

HE 20.8002:M 86
Moving Forward with Your Life!...1993

HE 20.8002:M 66
10 Pasos: guia Practica:que ayundaran a sus hijos a decir “NO”…1990

HE 20.8002:P 22
Parent Training is Prevention…1991

HE 20.8002:P 21/2
Parents Getting a Head Start Against Drugs:
Activity Book…1993

HE 20.8002:P 27/2/990
Additions and Residents Patients at End of Year, State and County Mental Hospitals, by Age and Diagnosis, by State, United States, 1990…

HE 20.8002:M 99
Dispelling Myths: Restoring Hope…1992

HE 20.8002:P 27/2/991
Additions and Resident Patients at End of year, State and County Mental Hospitals, by Age and Diagnosis, by State, United States…1993

HE 20.8002:P 41
The Performance Edge…1990

HE 20.8002:P 41/2
Score: The Performance Magazine…1989

HE 20.8002:P 92/3
Prevention Plus II…1989

HE 20.8002:P 94
PATH Projects for Assistance in Transition from

HE 20.8002:R 31/3
Adamha Funding Mechanisms for Research Grants &

HE 20.8002:R 31/4
Let’s Visit a Research Laboratory…1981

HE 20.8002:SE 4
Self-Run, Self-Supported Houses for More Effective Recovery from Alcohol and Drug

HE 20.8002:SM 2
Dile que no! Say No!...1990

HE 20.8002:SO 5
If Someone Close has a problem with Alcohol or other drugs…1992

HE 20.8002:ST 4
If You Use Steroids, These Aren’t the Only Things Stacked Against You…1993

HE 20.8002:T 22
Young Teens: Who They are and How to
Communicate with Them about Alcohol & Other

HE 20.8002:T 49/INHALA.
Tips for Teens about Inhalants…1994

HE 20.8002:T 55
Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs May Harm the

HE 20.8002:T 71/2
Critical Populations: Adolescents…1994

HE 20.8002:T 71/10
Critical Populations: Racial and Ethnic Minority Populations…1994

HE 20.8002:T 71/3
Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant Program…1994

HE 20.8002:T 71/4
Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant Technical Assistance Program…1994

HE 20.8002:T 71/5
Treatment Programs for Criminal Justice

HE 20.8002:T71/6
HIV/AIDS Outreach Program…1994

HE 20.8002:T 71/7
Addiction Treatment and Recovery Systems in Target Cities…1994

HE 20.8002:T 71/8
Treatment for Women, Their Infants and

HE 20.8002:T 71/9
Critical Populations: Public Housing…1994

HE 20.8002:Y 8/v.1-4
Report of the Secretary’s Task Force on Youth

HE 20.8002:Y 8/2
Too Many Young People Drink and Know too Little About the Consequences…1991

HE 20.8102:AC 7
Coping with AIDS…1986

HE 20.8102:AD 7/3
Adolescent Sex Offenders: Issues in Research and Treatment…1985

HE 20.8102:AD 9/2
Facts About Sexual Assault…1985

HE 20.8102:AL 7/985/corr.
You Are Not Alone…1985

HE 20.8102:AL 7/992
You Are Not Alone…1992

HE 20.8102:AL 7/990/Spanish
No Estas Solo…1990

HE 20.8102:AL 9/3/990
Useful Information on Alzheimer’s Disease…1990

HE 20.8102:AL 9/4
Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment and Family
Stress: Directions for Research…1989

HE 20.8102:AN 7
Anorexia Nervosa & Bulimia…1987

HE 20.8102:AN 7/2
Public-Academic Liason for Research on Serious Mental Disorders…1988

HE 20.8102:AN 9/997
Anxiety Disorders…1998

HE 20.8102:AN 9/2
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder…1997

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Anxiety Disorders Referral List…1996

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Anxiety Disorders…1999

HE 20.8102:B 39/4
Assessment of Behavior Problems in Persons with Mental Retardation Living in the Community…1990

HE 20.8102:B 39/5
Basic Behavioral Science Research for Mental

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National Plan for Research on Child and Adolescent Mental Disorders…1990

 HE 20.8102:C 43/21
Implementation of The National Plan for Research on Child and Adolescent Mental

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Understanding Bereavement Reactions in Adults and Children: A Booklet for Lay People…1988

HE 20.8102:B 45/2
Helping Bereaved Children: A Booklet for School

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Bipolar Disorder…1989

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Bipolar Disorder…1993

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Bipolar Disorder…1995

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Learning Disabilities…1993

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Alzheimer’s Disease…1994

HE 20.8102:B 73/4/SPAN
La Enfermedad de Alzheimer…1997

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Research on Children & Adolescents with Mental, Behavioral & Developmental Disporders…1990

HE 20.8102:C 61/5
Mental Health Clinical Training Grants:
Individual Faculty Scholar Awards…1991

HE 20.8102:D 36/2
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder…1994

HE 20.8102:D 36/2/SPAN
Trastorno Hiperactivo de Deficit de Atencion…

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Depressive Illnesses: Treatments bring New

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Depression/Awareness, Recognition, Treatment Fact Sheet…1987

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D/ART Program…1987

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Helpful Facts about Depressive Disorders…1987